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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2015
[ISO 26000 Core Subject] Organizational Governance

"Third 60 years of Leadership" and Corporate Philosophy MVCV

Fujikura Group Corporate Philosophy (MVCV)

We have been raising awareness of the Corporate Philosophy MVCV among individual employees, and in 2010, five years after the establishment of the philosophy, we launched a new activity to foster "1,000 exemplary actions," thereby improving the behavior of individual employees and the entire Group and boosting reform of our corporate culture. Moreover, in fiscal 2011, in order to enhance a Group management approach and realize efficient operation as a group, we began to refer to the Corporate Philosophy MVCV as "The Group Corporate Philosophy MVCV" so that all Group employees can share the philosophy. We are making more efforts to promote this philosophy widely across the Group and to further reform our corporate culture.
In fiscal 2014, we added the Corporate Philosophy MVCV in the important subjects to be taught in the stratified training provided by Fujikura Academy to employees, with a view to raising their awareness of the philosophy and guiding them to implementation of the philosophy.

Fujikura Group Corporate Philosophy (MVCV)


Our FIRST RESPONSIBILITY is to our customers.
We help them sustain and develop their business by providing superior products and services through "TSUNAGU" technologies. Our SECOND RESPONSIBILITY is to the men and women of the Fujikura family.
They must constantly strive to develop products and solutions that provide value in the field of "TSUNAGU" technologies.
Our THIRD RESPONSIBILITY is to the communities in which we live.


  • The Fujikua Group aims to be the most credible partner for Customers through "TSUNAGU" technologies.
  • The Fujikua Group continues to develop innovative and useful products and solutions as a pioneer in "TSUNAGU" technologies.
  • Each individual takes a "Leading Role" (ownership), and aims for Professional business capability worldwide.

Core Value

  • Customer Satisfaction
    "Are the customers satisfied?"
  • Change
    "Are you willing to take up challenges with enthusiasm to drive progress?"
  • Collaboration
    "Do you collaborate with others to fully realize capabilities and potential?"

Plans and Activity Results for Fiscal 2014

Fiscal 2014 Fiscal 2015
Priority activity theme Plans Activity results Plans
Steady implementation of the Corporate Philosophy MVCV 1.Develop workplace facilitators and hold awareness-raising meetings
2.Conduct MVCV training as part of stratified training
3.Foster enlightenment through the "MVCV awareness month"
4.Competition on "1,000 exemplary actions"
5.Make preparations to implement MVCV at overseas Group companies
-Conducted MVCV training in three groups
-Provided training to 160 employees, including new hires, those in their third year, and section chiefs
-Activity reports were submitted from 325 workplaces in response to the awareness month
-Introduced 3 examples of commendations given to excellent workplaces in the in-house magazine
-Examined and decided on measures to implement MVCV outside Japan

1.Develop workplace facilitators
2.Conduct MVCV training as part of stratified training
3.Foster enlightenment through the "MVCV awareness month"
4.Make preparations to implement MVCV at overseas Group companies
5.Enhance internal information provision

Fujikura Group Corporate Philosophy and Employee Training

Conduct MVCV trainings as part of startified training

President's lecture in new employees training