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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2015
[ISO 26000 Core Subject] Community Involvement and Development

CSR Activities at Fujikura Group

Group Companies in Japan

Activities by Fujikura Automotive Asia Ltd.

◆Visiting a local facility for people with mental disabilities as in the previous fiscal year

Every year, to give Christmas presents to the local facility for people with mental disabilities named "Sakuranbo-no-ie," employees of Fujikura Automotive Asia bring used cans and PET bottles from their homes to the company. The cans and bottles are sold to a recycling company and the proceeds are used to buy the presents. On December 22, 2014, six members of the company visited the facility to give the Christmas presents.


◆Organizing a championship tournament for boys' baseball teams

Fujikura Automotive Asia annually holds a championship tournament for boys' baseball teams in its Hachimampara Plant's playground in an effort to support the sports activities of local young people. The 16th tournament was held on September 20 and 21, 2014 with the participation of 8 teams (more teams than usual), and the 7 games played on the two days excited the spectators. In this event, 21 employees of Fujikura Automotive Asia participated as umpires and management staff. As part of its local community activity, the company will continue to contribute to the development of the youth through the boys' baseball tournament.

the boys' baseball tournament

Activities by Nishi Nippon Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

◆Holding a "children's visiting day" event

Nishi Nippon Electric Wire & Cable held a "children's visiting day" event on August 28 during their summer vacation. Specifically, the company invited the children of employees to its facilities, with a total of seven children (first to fifth graders at elementary school) from five families participating in the event. At the event, the voices of children filled the workplace, a rare occurrence, which invigorated the entire company with a cheerful atmosphere. In the future, the company will hold this event annually, which will be eagerly anticipated by employees and their families.

children's visiting day

children's visiting day

children's visiting day

Activities by DDK Ltd.

◆Acceptance of senior high school students as interns

DDK accepted three students from a local industrial high school to the company as interns for five days from November 10 to 14 as part of its activities supporting youth education. The students mainly received practical manufacturing training for presswork, plating, molding and product assembly processes.

Activities by Suzuki Giken Co., Ltd.

◆Donations to Fujikura Gakuen

Suzuki Giken makes donations on a continual basis to Fujikura Gakuen (welfare facilities for people with intellectual disabilities). The company has also installed a special vending machine within the premises, with part of the proceeds from the machine to be donated to Fujikura Gakuen.

Activities by Fujikura Engineering Ltd.

◆Safety patrols at construction sites

Fujikura Engineering conducted safety patrols at 16 sites where the company was engaged in construction work as part of is occupational safety and health activity.

Safety patrols at construction sites

Activities by Activities by Fuji Materials Ltd.

◆Making a green curtain to stop global warming

Fuji Materials has been implementing anti-global warming measures. For example, it grew morning glories into a green curtain of about 40 m2 at the side of the head office in summer, which helped lower the room temperature and save energy used for air conditioning.

green curtain

green curtain

◆Participation in the summer festival held by the local industrial park

Fuji Materials participated in the summer festival held by the local industrial park and contributed to promotion of the park by operating a snack stand during the festival.

summer festival

Activities by Tohoku Fujikura Ltd.

◆Acceptance of interns

Tohoku Fujikura accepted local university and senior high school students as interns in an effort to support youth education. The company also accepted students from a school for the hearing impaired with an eye towards boosting the employment of people with disabilities.


◆Contributing to local communities through a local cleanup activity

Tohoku Fujikura participated in a cleanup activity held by the liaison committee of local companies in the Goshono district. The committee conducts this activity every spring, and in fiscal 2014, employees of 47 companies located in the district participated in the activity, including 20 employees of Tohoku Fujikura.

cleanup activity

◆Training in lifesaving and earthquake simulation experience

As part of its occupational safety and health activities and to ensure the safety of employees and visitors to the company, Tohoku Fujikura held a lifesaving seminar, inviting a member of the local fire department as a lecturer; and also provided employees with the opportunity to experience simulated earthquakes with a seismic intensity ranging from 2 to 7 in an earthquake simulation vehicle.

Activities by Fujikura Precision Ltd.

◆Mental healthcare seminar

Fujikura Precision held a mental healthcare seminar for all employees on the theme of stress mitigation, inviting a lecturer from a hospital as part of its occupational safety and health activities.

Mental healthcare seminar

Mental healthcare seminar

Overseas Group Companies

Activities by AFL Telecommunications LLC.

◆Holding an event to celebrate the 30th anniversary by inviting employees and their families

AFL Telecommunications LLC. (South Carolina, U.S.) was established as Alcoa Fujikura in 1984, and marked the 30th anniversary of its founding in 2014. To celebrate the anniversary, the company held a commemorative event with the participation of employees and their families. In the event, participants enjoyed playing games together and children enjoyed playing with the toys prepared for them. The interaction helped to foster communication between employees and create an even more comfortable workplace.

◆Participating in the Habitat activity and building a house together

AFL Telecommunications LLC. (South Carolina, U.S.) works as a member of Habitat for Humanity. This international support organization works mainly in developing countries to help solve poverty- and housing-related problems and give hope to people. The organization is conducting activities in about 80 countries, with people supported by the organization and volunteers working together to build houses and promote self-independence. AFL employees participated in the organization's activity last year, building a house ("AFL House") in the local area.

Habitat activity

Habitat activity

Habitat activity

◆Distributing seedlings to increase greenery

AFL Telecommunications LLC. (South Carolina, U.S.) carries out an activity named AFL Take Root every year in an effort to grow as many trees as possible. The company continue this activity each year for the past five years. We prepared and presented young trees including cherry trees to local elementary school kids through AFL Take Root. The company's target is planting 5000 trees.

Take Root

Take Root

Take Root

Activities by Fujikura America Inc.

◆Holding a barbecue party with the participation of employees and their families

Fujikura America, Inc. (FAI) holds an annual barbecue party before Independence Day with the participation of employees and their families. The party is held in the parking lot in front of the company, with all employees invited to participate in this joyful event. At a recent barbecue party, a magic show and balloon art event were also held for participating children and were greatly enjoyed by employees and their families.

barbecue party

barbecue party

barbecue party

Activities by Fujikura Automotive America LLC.

◆Joins Toys for Tots Charity Again This Year

Children are valuable resources that will shape the future. FAA (Fujikura Automotive America LLC, USA) employees of Novi office joined a charity program called Toys for Tots directed by USMCR (United States Marine Corps Reserve) again this year.
The goal of the program is to deliver, through a new toy in the holiday season, joy to less fortunate children that will assist them in becoming citizens who will create a better society by repaying the kindness that they receive from other people. Again this year, the collection box was filled with presents brought by FAA employees.
We will continue to actively fulfill social responsibilities in our community as good corporate citizens.

Activities by Fujikura Automotive Mexico, S. de R. L. de C. V

◆Promotion of a health fair

FAMX (Fujikura Automotive Mexico) holds 14 health promotion campaigns a year to protect the employees and their families from various diseases.

◆Donating fixtures to an educational institution

Fujikura Automotive Mexico (FAMX) donated children's chairs for use in the school library. The company also donated dictionaries and story books in time for the start of the new school semester.

◆Measures to deal with air pollution

◆Donating equipment to a vocational training center

Fujikura Automotive Mexico (FAMX) donated equipment to the national vocational training center (Centros de Capacitacion para el Trabajo Industrial: CECATI) as part of its social contribution activities.

Activities by Fujikura Automotive Paraguay S. A.

◆Measures to prevent work accidents

Fujikura Automotive Paraguay (FAP) holds in-house seminars throughout the year to raise employees' awareness of the importance of using protective equipment, and also teaches new employees the necessity of using personal protective equipment (PPE) every year.

Activities by Fujikura Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.

◆Participating in an activity to make a small dam to protect nature

Fujikura Electronics (Thailand) Ltd. (FETL) constructed a small dam in a forest to protect nature in Thailand, with 82 employees participating. The company raised environmental awareness through this activity, which also helped promote internal communications.

◆Participating in a local event held on National Children's Day

◆Safety driving campaign

◆Health promotion program

◆Disaster control drill

Activities by DDK (Thailand) Ltd.

◆Measures to protect nature

DDK (Thailand) Ltd. conducted cleanup activities, including weed removal, in a local forest in February to cooperate on local forest protection and fire prevention.

◆Blood donation activity

◆Donating an incinerator to a school

DDK (Thailand) Ltd. donated a waste incinerator to a school in Ayutthaya, Thailand to support youth education.

Activities by Fujikura Fiber Optics Vietnam Ltd.

◆Holding in-house competitions

Fujikura Fiber Optics Vietnam Ltd. (FOV) holds sports and game competitions to foster employees’ health and improve their workplace environment. The company held a football tournament on April 4, in which 12 male teams and eight female teams participated. Also, a darts competition was held for all employees during their break.

Activities by DDK VIETNAM LTD.

◆Planting papaya trees on the premises to mitigate global warming

DDK Vietnam Ltd. (DVL) planted ten papaya trees on its factory premises to mitigate global warming and improve the workplace environment. The tropical trees have large leaves and grow to a height of about 10 meters.


Activities by Fujikura (China) co., Ltd.

◆Contribution to youth education

Fujikura (China) Co., Ltd. provides support to participants in the WorldSkills Competition and also supports the organization of the national skills competition in China. On August 6 and 7, the national competition was held in Tianjin, with those to participate in the 43rd WorldSkills Competition being selected. The company dispatched official interpreters (in Japanese, English and Chinese) to the competition on information network cabling held as part of the national competition. The company also sent lecturers to technical schools in Tianjin and Guangzhou to hold seminars on the handling of optical fiber fusion splicers and related technologies.

◆Fujikura Group Companies in China Donate Education-related Goods to Fujikura Kibou Primary School

Again this year, some employees of Fujikura group companies operating in China including Fujikura (China) Co., Ltd.(FCH) visited Fujikura Kibou Primary School located in Shucheng Prefecture, Luan City, Anhui Province. They attended the ceremony of presenting goods for supporting the education of the children.
Fujikura Kibou Primary School was established in 2007 . Since then, Fujikura group companies in China have continued to improve and repair the school facilities and send presents to each child on an annual basis as part of their CSR activities.
This year, the presents include a safetyfence,and an Outer wall, both of which was installed to ensure children's safety, and a lunch box given to each child.

Activities by Fujikura Zhuhai Co., Ltd. and Fujikura Changchun Ltd.

◆Conducting an emergency drill for disaster control

FZL conducted an emergency drill with the participation of 3,000 employees, who learned how to extinguish a fire and deal with gas leaks, storms and the leakage of hazardous chemical substances.

◆Planting trees around the premises

In March 2015, 20 employees of FZL planted 400 saplings around the premises of the company as part of the local tree planting festival.

Activities by Fujikura Changchun Ltd.

◆Visiting and giving presents to a local nursing home for the elderly

Employees of FCL visited a local nursing home for the elderly located in the Changchun Automobile Industry Development Zone four times in total in fiscal 2014.In May 2014, six employees visited the nursing home and presented fruits to the residents; in September, four employees visited the home to donate mooncakes and fruits for the mid-fall harvest festival; and in October, seven employees visited and photographed the daily lives of the residents. Photo albums were then presented to the residents. Further, in February 2015, five employees visited the home to present jiao-zi dumplings, milk and goods for the spring festival.

Activities by Fujikura Hengtong Aerial Cable System Ltd.

◆Annual blood donation activity

KFH annually holds a blood donation activity in an effort to contribute to society. In March, 2015, the company conducted the activity again with the participation of 35 employees.

blood donation activity

◆Inviting the parents of employees on a tour of the company

Fujikura Hengtong Aerial Cable System Ltd. (KFH) invited the parents of employees on a tour of the factory in an effort to make the workplace more comfortable for employees.

◆Visiting the poor

Fujikura Hengtong Aerial Cable System Ltd. (KFH) annually sends members of the labor union to visit the poor to donate daily necessities and money as part of its social contribution activities.

Activities by Fujikura Automotive Morocco Kenitra, Fujikura automotive Morocco Tangier and Fujikura Automotive Romania S.R.L.

◆Organization of a football competition

Fujikura Automotive Morocco Kenitra (FAMK), Fujikura Automotive Morocco Tangier (FAMT), and Fujikura Automotive Romania S.R.L. (FAR) hold annual football competitions for employees as a means to improve the workplace environment.

football competition

football competition

football competition

◆Giving presents on the Women's Day

FAMK and FAMT gave presents to all female employees, such as flowers, scarfs and chocolates on the Women's Day as a local traditional activity and in an effort to provide employees with a more comfortable workplace.