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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2014
[ISO 26000 Core Subject] The Environment

Environmental Management Action Guidelines

Fujikura Group Environmental Management Action Guidelines, Version 4

Since fiscal 2011, we have been fostering environmental activities to achieve the new targets set in line with the Fujikura Group Environmental Management Action Guidelines, Version 4, which we formulated based on the 2015 Mid-Term Business Plan.

Result in fiscal 2013

○…Attained as Planning △…Attained later than planed ×…Not attained

Core Subject
ITEM Target for the period from fiscal 2011 to 2015 Result in fiscal 2013 Evaluation
The Environment Mitigation of global warming Reduce total CO2 emissions.
Japan: Keep CO2 emissions in fiscal 2015 below 4.3% from the fiscal 2012 level
CO2 emissions from production and non-production sites in Japan totaled 168,299 tons, down 3.6% from the fiscal 2012 level.
Energy conservation: Improve per-unit energy use.
Plants in Japan: Improve per-unit energy use by at least 2.0% every year
Offices in Japan: Improve per-unit energy use by at least 1.0% every year
Overseas plants: Improve per-unit energy use by at least 1.0% every year
Overseas offices: Improve per-unit energy use by at least 1.0% every year
Per-unit energy use decreased by 1.1% and 5.5% at the plants and offices in Japan, respectively, and also decreased by 8.9% and 2.1% at the overseas plants and offices, respectively.
Improve per-unit energy use for the transportation of products by at least 1% every year in Japan For the past five years, per-unit energy use decreased by 2.2% year on year on average.
Zero waste emissions Achieve perfect zero emissions (no landfill waste) both in Japan and abroad The percentage of "zero landfill waste" bases increased from the previous fiscal year level to 64%.
Reduce the total use of packaging materials by at least 7,000 tons annually in Japan The use of packaging materials decreased to 95% of the previous fiscal year level and the target was thus achieved.
Resource conservation & recycling Reduce water use in Japan The use of water at the production bases in Japan came to 2,732 km3, down 6.0% year on year.
Reduction in substances of concern(SOCs) Reduce the amount of major SOCs handled by at least 10% relative to fiscal 2010 in Japan The total amount handled increased by 8% from the fiscal 2010 level due to the addition of three SOCs handled in the amount of 1 ton or more per year to the calculation target, but the amount decreased by 31% year on year.
Reduction in emissions of volatile organic compounds(VOCs) Reduce atmospheric emissions of major VOCs by at least 10% relative to fiscal 2010 in Japan In Japan, the atmospheric emissions of major VOCs decreased by 8% from the fiscal 2010 level.
Expansion of environmentally friendly products Register annually at least 60 products as environmentally friendly products
(by conducting environmental assessments on the products)
The target was attained with the registration of 66 products as environmentally friendly products.
Preventing contamination and promoting green procurement Manage chemical substances contained in products across the supply chain
(Promote green procurement and the management of substances of very high concern)
More surveys were conducted on the newly regulated substances, such as SVHCs subject to the REACH regulation.
Biodiversity conservation Work to conserve biodiversity by setting targets in line with the guidelines on biodiversity The bio-garden "Fujikura-Kiba Millennium Woods" served as the hub to foster activities.

The Fujikura Group to Promote Environmental Activities

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