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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2014
[ISO 26000 Core Subject] Community Involvement and Development

CSR Activities at Fujikura Plant in Japan

Head Office and Other Sites in the Fukagawa District

Support for Local Film Festival Again This Year

The 7th Koto Cinema Festival was held at Furuichiba Culture Center(Koto-ward, Tokyo), which is located close to Fujikura Headquarters, during three consecutive holidays from January 11 to 13. The festival was planned and managed by Koto City Culture and Community Foundation and citizen volunteers of Fukagawa district including Monzennakacho to create a new local culture in hopes of making Fukagawa known for films. Fukagawa is the hometown of a famous film director, Yasujiro Ozu, who sent excellent movies into the world one after another.
This year's festival with the theme "heartbreaking, troublesome, but still family" aimed to nurture a local culture where people sympathize with their families and others between and beyond the generations and to send out the culture from Fukagawa toward all over Japan. Nine of Yasujiro Ozu's screen productions were shown there, including The Only Son and Early Summer, which were mainly created between the beginning of the Showa era and the '30s. In addition, six guests talked about stories related-to films between the screenplays so that the festival with full of visitors really warmed up. We will contribute to the maintenance and development of the local culture through our support for the Koto Cinema Festival from now on, too.

FUKAGAWA GATHARIA Concludes Reassurance Agreement with Municipality

FUKAGAWA GATHARIA was created as part of redevelopment project of Fujikura's former Fukagawa plant and has now become an office and shopping complex that attracts many people. FUKAGAWA GATHARIA has concluded a reassurance agreement with Koto Ward on the use of GATHARIA's facility as a temporary evacuation shelter in case of a flood due to Tsunami or other causes. Some part of the facility is opened to the public to temporarily evacuate to safety in case of a disaster.

Weekly dispatch of information about the Millennium Woods

On the Fujikura-Kiba Millennium Woods website established as part of the CSR website of Fujikura Ltd., we post a weekly journal to introduce seasonal changes observed in the bio-garden with brief comments and photos.

Launch of the Ikimono Wonderland website for children

We launched the Ikimono Wonderland website for children as part of our external website on the Fujikura-Kiba Millennium Woods. In this new website created by volunteer employees, we will communicate the wonder and greatness of wildlife as much as possible to first to third graders at elementary school and to their parents. We hope that children who view the Ikimono Wonderland and Millennium Woods websites will grow up to be adults who can protect the global environment and endangered species.

Annual blood donation activities

As in the previous fiscal year, we cooperated in the blood donation activity conducted by the Japan Red Cross Society with the participation of 65 employees in the Fukagawa district, where the head office is located. Participants also asked visitors to Fukagawa Gatharia to donate their blood,120 of whom responded to the request.

Blood donation activity

Installation of an AED within Fukagawa Gatharia

It is said that there are 20,000 to 30,000 cases of sudden cardiac arrests in Japan annually, and that onsite emergency first aid treatment is critical for resuscitation. For prompt and appropriate first aid treatment in case of emergencies, we installed three automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) within Fukagawa Gatharia (a commercial facility operated by Fujikura in Koto City, Tokyo), which is visited by a lot of people.


Plants of Fujikura Ltd. in Japan

CSR activities at the Sakura Plant

◆Children's tour of the plant during their summer vacation

The Sakura Plant invited children to make a tour of the plant on August 8, in the middle of their summer vacation. Participating children attended a science class given by employees in addition to making a tour of the plant, including the showroom. Although it is said that the number of children who are not interested in science is increasing, the participating children showed great interest in everything they saw in the plant.

◆Collaboration with companies located within the same industrial park for disaster control

Together with other companies located in the same industrial park (about 40 participants), the Sakura Plant participated in a hands-on seminar to learn about the disaster control system established by Sakura City on July 24, 2013. In the seminar, participants examined and tried out the tools stored in the disaster control warehouse owned by the local city government.
[Details of the seminar]
(1) Explanation about the stockpiles and tools stored in the warehouse
(2) Drinking swimming pool water purified by using a portable water purifier
(3) Explanation about a well that was established in a local elementary school for use in case of a disaster

◆Giving local senior high school students open access to the Japanese archery facility within the premises

The Sakura Plant supports the education and sports activities of young people to contribute to local communities. For example, it gives local senior high school students open access to the archery facility within the premises. The students, as a result of practicing hard every day in the facility, won prizes at the inter-high school sports competition held in Chiba, and one of them also became an all-round archery champion in a local citizens' sports competition.

CSR activities at the Suzuka Plant

◆Acceptance of internship students

The Suzuka Plant accepted two students of a local industrial high school as interns for three days in November, 2013. After finishing the training at the plant, the interns made comments about the three-day enriching experience, including "I was surprised at the plant members' high safety awareness" and "I strongly recognized the importance of communication in the workplace." We hope that the three-day experience will help them make appropriate decisions on their future studies and careers.

◆Organization of a traffic safety seminar

The Suzuka Plant held a traffic safety seminar inviting a traffic policeman from the local police department in Suzuka City as a lecturer. The lecturer introduced the number of traffic accidents in the city, specific cases, and how to make improvements to raise the safety awareness of employees participating in the seminar. Also, in front of the entrance gate of the plant, employees in charge gave traffic safety instructions to help avoid any traffic problems between employees commuting to the plant by car and local drivers.

CSR activities at the Numazu Plant

◆Fujikura Joins in Senbonhama Beach Cleanup with Neighboring Companies

On June 9, Fujikura Numazu took part in an activity to clean nearby Senbonhama Beach of Suruga Bay. This cleanup activity takes place every year in this season as one of the environmental activities held by three neighboring companies including Fujikura.
A total of 50 employees from the three companies joined in the activity, and among them, Fujikura Numazu employees totaled 13 including 9 new trainee employees and 2 foreign trainee employees. Fujikura Numazu will continue to actively participate in social contribution activities as a member of the local community, aiming to be a company that the local community values and needs.

CSR activities at the Ishioka Plant

◆Support for the sale of bread made by a local facility for people with mental disabilities

As one of its local community contribution activities, the Ishioka Plant sells bread made by the local facility for people with mental disabilities named "Heart-full Village" at the canteen during the lunch break once a week, with a view to supporting the management of the facility.

◆Social Contribution through Coffee

Ishioka branch serves fair trade coffee produced in East Timor and Tanzania to our customers as part of our CSR(corporate social responsibility) activity.
We also put a small card explaining what fair trade means on the table to introduce our activity.
Fair trade is still a small movement, but we hope from our heart that, through our CSR activity, people both inside and outside the company get to know the idea and the movement of fair trade to expand them all over Japan.

◆Acceptance of internship students

Kyoei High Opt, a Fujikura Group company located within the premises of the Ishioka Plant, accepted two students from a local industrial school as interns for a period of five days.