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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2014
[ISO 26000 Core Subject] Community Involvement and Development

CSR Activities at Fujikura Group

Group Companies in Japan

Activities by Fujikura Automotive Asia Ltd.

◆Visiting a local facility for people with mental disabilities as in the previous fiscal year

Every year, to give Christmas presents to the local facility for people with mental disabilities named "Sakuranbo-no-ie," employees of Fujikura Automotive Asia bring used cans and PET bottles from their homes to the company. The cans and bottles are sold to a recycling company and the proceeds are used to buy the presents. On December 24, 2013, six members of the company, including President Hasegawa, visited the facility to give the Christmas presents.

◆Organizing a championship tournament for boys' baseball teams

Fujikura Automotive Asia annually holds a championship tournament for boys' baseball teams in its Hachimanbara Plant's playground in an effort to support the sports activities of local young people. The 15th tournament was held on September 21 and 22, 2013 with the participation of 11 teams (more teams than usual), and the ten games played on the two days excited the spectators. In this event, 30 employees of Fujikura Automotive Asia participated as umpires and management staff. As part of its local community activity, the company will continue to contribute to the development of the youth through the boys' baseball tournament.

◆Cleanup of the riverside and nearby roads

On June 1, 2013, 215 employees of the Hachimanbara Plant conducted a cleanup activity on the roads near the plant, and on November 12, 185 employees cleaned up the area alongside the Mogami River. Employees of the company will continue conducting cleanup activities to protect the local rivers and public spaces, which will eventually help conserve the global environment.

Activities by Nishi Nippon Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

◆Preparation against large Nankai Trough earthquakes

Nishi Nippon Electric Wire & Cable conducted an emergency drill against the large Nankai Trough earthquakes, which are predicted to occur in the near future and cause tremendous damage to a wide area from Tokai to Kyushu. The company is located near the Nankai Trough, which extends from off the Suruga Bay to off the east coast of Kyushu. Employees participating in the drill therefore seriously learned how to evacuate, discharge water, and use a fire extinguisher, and were also given a virtual experience of an earthquake with the seismic intensity of 7 in the local Oita fire department's earthquake simulator vehicle.
* The Nankai Trough earthquakes are the large continuous earthquakes with the magnitude of 9 that are predicted to occur in a wide area alongside the Nankai Trough, which is located off the Pacific coast of Japan. The trough extends over a total of about 770 kilometers from off Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture to off the east coast of Kyushu, with a depth of as much as 4,000 meters. The Nankai Trough is in the boundary zone between the Philippine Sea Plate and the Eurasian

Activities by DDK Ltd.

◆Selling bread and sweets within the company to support people with disabilities

DDK sold the bread and sweets made by Mashiko Special Needs School within the company as a social contribution activity.

◆Acceptance of senior high school students as interns

DDK accepted three students of a local industrial high school as interns in an effort to support youth education.

◆Holding a traffic safety seminar

DDK held a traffic safety seminar by inviting a traffic policeman from the local police department as one of its occupational safety and health activities for employees. In addition, employees in charge called for safe driving at the entrance to the company's parking lot and gave traffic safety instructions at the crossing located within the local industrial park.

Activities by Tohoku Fujikura Ltd.

◆Contributing to local communities through a local cleanup activity

Tohoku Fujikura participated in a cleanup activity held by the liaison committee of local companies in the Goshono district. The committee conducts this activity every spring, and in fiscal 2013, employees of 47 companies located in the district participated in the activity, including 18 employees of Tohoku Fujikura.

◆Acceptance of students to the factory

To support youth education, Tohoku Fujikura welcomed first and second graders of two local junior high schools in Akita Prefecture at its factory for a tour. In addition the company accepted students from one local university and two local high schools as interns. Moreover it accepted students of a local school for children with hearing difficulties with an eye to employing more people with disabilities in the future.

Activities by Aomori Fujikura Kanaya Ltd.

◆Conducing an emergency drill in winter

Aomori Fujikura Kanaya conducted an emergency drill in March, when it was still snowy, against natural disasters such as mega-quakes, with the participation of all employees. The company also conducted a nighttime drill for employees working at night.

◆Replacing the shoe lockers with new ones where boots can be stored

In an effort to provide employees with a more comfortable workplace, Aomori Fujikura Kanaya replaced the shoe lockers with new ones in which boots could also be stored. Employees often wear boots in winter, but boots could not be stored in the previous lockers. Boots were therefore placed on the top of the lockers and water droplets from the boots sometimes made the shoes stored in the lockers wet. In the new shoe lockers where boots can be stored, trays are placed at the bottom of each locker to prevent the downward flow of water droplets from the boots, for which employees are very grateful.

Activities by Suzuki Giken Co., Ltd.

◆Making the flowerbed at the company entrance

Suzuki Giken works to conserve local nature in its local community contribution activity, and as part of this effort made a flower bed at the entrance of the company. The flower bed does not only help improve the local environment but also has a soothing effect on employees and contributes to bettering their work environment.

Activities by Fujikura Engineering Ltd.

◆Participation in the 2013 "turning off lights" campaign

Fujikura Engineering has been conducting a range of energy conservation activities to mitigate global warming. On June 21, 2013, the company participated in the Fujikura Group's midsummer "turning off lights" campaign as in the previous year, and turned off all the lights in the office by 7:00 p.m.

◆Safety patrols at construction sites

Fujikura Engineering conducted safety patrols at 19 sites where the company was engaged in construction work as part of its occupational safety and health activity.

Activities by Fuji Materials Ltd.

◆Participation in the summer festival held to celebrate the anniversary of the local industrial park

Fuji Materials has been supporting the activities to enrich the local culture by participating in the traditional festivals and events held by local communities. For example, the company participated in the summer festival held to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the local industrial park on August 3, 2013 and sold popcorn at its booth, thereby enhancing ties with local inhabitants.

◆Making a green curtain to stop global warming

Fuji Materials has been implementing anti-global warming measures. For example, it grew morning glories into a green curtain of about 40 m2 at the side of the head office in summer, which helped lower the room temperature and save energy used for air conditioning. The green curtain was also friendly to the eyes and highly evaluated by employees.

◆Conducting a drill against the leakage of oil

As part of an emergency drill, Fuji Materials conducted a drill assuming that a kerosene container overturned while being transported and oil was spilt in a large volume. Specifically, eight employees participating in the drill learned how to recover the spilt oil by surrounding it with an oil absorbing tube and actually absorbing the oil by using the tube in order to prevent the oil from causing a fire or flowing into the drain ditch and polluting the environment.

Activities by SYSCOM Ltd.

◆Supporting the organization of a local festival to help preserve local culture

As part of its activity to support the preservation of local culture, SYSCOM supported Kumagaya Uchiwamatsuri held by Kumagaya City in the district that has a close relationship with its employees.

Overseas Group Companies

Activities by DDK (Thailand) Ltd.

◆Planting trees for elephants living in the national park

DDK (Thailand) is conducting activities to protect the local environment. For example in the Khao Chamao National Park (located about three hours by car from Bangkok) on September 20 and 21, 2013, 74 employees participated as volunteers in an activity to plant more than 800 trees to protect the forests providing a habitat for elephants.

◆Cleanup activity conducted voluntarily by employees on a resort beach

DDK (Thailand) conducted an activity to clean up a resort beach in Pattaya for about two hours on February 21, 2014 with the participation of 62 employees.

◆Providing the elderly with a safe living environment

On August 30, 2013, DDK (Thailand) conducted a cleanup activity to provide the elderly living in a nursing home in Ayutthaya with a safe and clean living environment, with the participation of 70 employees, who spent about four hours in the volunteer activity.

Activities by Fujikura Fiber Optics Vietnam Ltd.

◆Supporting youth education

To support youth education, FOV granted scholarships to students of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and the University of Technical Education Ho Chi Minh, the two most famous technological universities in Vietnam.

◆Visit to the Que Huong Charity Center

As an activity to contribute to local communities, 55 employees of FOV visited the Que Huong Charity Center, where more than 300 orphans were raised, and encouraged the children.

◆Organization of a running competition

FOV held a running competition to help employees feel relaxed and refreshed, and for the good of their health after work. In the competition, 150 employees competed in four events.

Activities by Fujikura Automotive America LLC.

◆Joins Toys for Tots Charity Again This Year

Children are valuable resources that will shape the future. FAA (Fujikura Automotive America LLC, USA) employees of Novi office joined a charity program called Toys for Tots directed by USMCR (United States Marine Corps Reserve) again this year.
The goal of the program is to deliver, through a new toy in the holiday season, joy to less fortunate children that will assist them in becoming citizens who will create a better society by repaying the kindness that they receive from other people. Again this year, the collection box was filled with presents brought by FAA employees.
We will continue to actively fulfill social responsibilities in our community as good corporate citizens.

Activities by Fujikura (China) Co., Ltd.

◆Establishing a badminton club to promote employees' health

FCH established a badminton club to foster employees' health, to which 10 employees belong at present. The club conducts an activity once a month and holds a competition once a year.

CSR activities of Group Companies in China

◆Fujikura Group Companies in China Donate Education-related Goods to Fujikura Kibou Primary School

On November 8, again this year, some employees of Fujikura group companies operating in China including Fujikura (China) Co., Ltd.(FCH) visited Fujikura Kibou Primary School located in Shucheng Prefecture, Luan City, Anhui Province. They attended the ceremony of presenting goods for supporting the education of the children.
Fujikura Kibou Primary School was established in 2007 largely because of the diligent efforts of the then president of Fujikura Electronics Shanghai Ltd.(FESL), Mr. Kaizu. Since then, Fujikura group companies in China have continued to improve and repair the school facilities and send presents to each child on an annual basis as part of their CSR activities.
This year, the presents include a surveillance camera, which was installed to ensure children's safety, and sets of stationery given to each child.

Activities by Fujikura Electronics Shangjai Ltd.

◆Conducting evacuation and fire fighting drills with the participation of all employees

FESL conducts evacuation and fire fighting drills to ensure the safety of employees against possible disasters. In fiscal 2013, the company conducted one daytime drill and one nighttime drill for employees working the shift.

◆Establishing a conversation room to increase workplace comfort

To provide employees with a more comfortable workplace, FESL established a conversation room for use by employees during the lunch break by renovating a part of the conference room and equipping it with a TV and a variety of magazines.

Activities by Fujikura Zhuhai Co., Ltd. and Fujikura Changchun Ltd.

◆Conducting an emergency drill for disaster control

FZL conducted an emergency drill with the participation of 3,000 employees, who learned how to extinguish a fire and deal with gas leaks, storms and the leakage of hazardous chemical substances.

◆Planting trees around the premises

In March 2014, 40 employees of FZL planted 2,250 saplings around the premises of the company as part of the local tree planting festival.

◆Organization of a health seminar for female employees

As a means to foster employees' health, FZL held a health seminar for female employees at its plant in Shanghai in September 2013. In this seminar held by inviting a famous doctor as lecturer, 20 employees participated to acquire knowledge useful to promote their health.

◆Holding a traffic safety seminar for employees

At its Shanghai plant in May 2013, FZL held a traffic safety seminar in an effort to ensure occupational safety and health, and 300 employees participated in the seminar.

Activities by Fujikura (China) co., Ltd.

◆Visiting and giving presents to a local nursing home for the elderly

Employees of FCL visited a local nursing home for the elderly located in the Changchun Automobile Industry Development Zone four times in total in fiscal 2013. In June, 10 employees visited the home to clean the rooms and entertain residents of the home. In September, three employees visited the home to donate mooncakes and fruits for the mid-fall harvest festival. In November, three visited the home to give winter caps and gloves to residents, and also in January 2014, three visited to present jiao-zi dumplings and goods for the spring festival.

◆Holding basketball games in an effort to promote employees' health

FCL held basketball games in September 2013, with a view to promoting employees' health and bettering their workplace, in which 72 male employees participated.

Activities by Fujikura Hengtong Aerial Cable System Ltd.

◆Annual blood donation activity

KFH annually holds a blood donation activity in an effort to contribute to society. In June, 2013, the company conducted the activity again with the participation of 40 employees.

◆Holding a quiz contest on safety knowledge

KFH works to increase the safety knowledge of employees. In fiscal 2013, the company held a quiz contest on safety knowledge with the participation of 30 employees, who competed on the knowledge gained through their daily safety promotion activities.

◆Holding a game event for employees and their children on the "parent-child day"

KFH arranged a "parent-child day" as part of its effort to provide employees with a more comfortable workplace and held a game event for employees and their children on the day, in which 50 employees participated.

Activities by Fujikura Automotive Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.

◆Supporting employees affected by flooding

Staff of FAMX in charge visited employees who had suffered damage due to flooding to give them economical support, including the provision of food, water and clothes. The company also dispatched a team of employees as cleanup volunteers to a local hospital.

◆Accepting students for a factory tour

To support youth education, FAMX accepted students for a tour of its factory. The students learned about the manufacturing process at the factory as part of the educational program provided by their school.

◆Receiving a certificate of appreciation for support to children suffering cardiac illness

FAMX donates paper and plastic materials to the state agency that supports the families of children suffering cardiac diseases. The agency provides a fund for such children to undergo surgery.

CSR activities at Fujikura Automotive Morocco Kenitra (FAMK) and Fujikura Automotive Morocco Tangier (FAMT)

◆Giving presents on the Women's Day

FAMK and FAMT gave presents to all female employees, such as perfumes, shower gels, body lotions and lip creams on the Women's Day as a local traditional activity and in an effort to provide employees with a more comfortable workplace.

CSR activities at FAMK

◆Providing employees with dinner at the end of Ramadan

Muslims have a month of fasting called Ramadan, and employees of FAMK also observe Ramadan fasts. FAMK respects this local tradition. In the evening of the day on which Ramadan was over, the company provided employees with traditional Moroccan dishes for supper.