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In Publishing the Report
Message from the President
Feature Article
Organizational Governance・Fair Operating Practices
The Environment
Consumer Issues・Human Rights and Labour Practices
Community Involvement and Development
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CSR Report

Fujikura Group CSR Report 2012
In Publishing the Report

In Publishing the Fujikura Group CSR Report 2012. ..

We created the Fujikura Group CSR Report 2012 based on the seven core subjects of the ISO 26000 international standard on social responsibility. The report is comprised of a message from the president, a feature article, and sections corresponding to the seven core subjects ("organizational governance," "fair operating practices," "the environment," "consumer issues," "human rights," "labour practices," and "community involvement and development"). In the feature article, we introduced measures implemented for the recovery of the Fujikura Group's electronic component manufacturing bases in Thailand, which were seriously damaged by the huge flood that hit the country in October 2011. At the end of this report, we have newly included three comparison tables, which were not included in the previous CSR reports, in addition to environmental data.

In accordance with the expansion of CSR measures taken by the Fujikura Group, we have also enhanced our annual CSR report by publishing it in two versions. The conventional hard-copy report is now available as a "digest" version, and you can also view our online comprehensive CSR report in HTML format. We hope that you will have a look at both versions.