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Fujikura Group CSR Report 2011
Social Performance

Fujikura Gakuen, the starting point for our social contribution activities

Fujikura Gakuen was founded on June 7, 1919 by Harukichi Nakauchi, younger brother of the founder of Fujikura and former auditor of the Company. He donated 230,000 yen (equivalent to about two billion yen today) from his own funds to construct this school for the mentally disabled on land extending over about 132,000 m2 in Izu Oshima. He also donated this land and the facilities necessary for the foundation of the school. This year the school celebrates its 92st anniversary, thanks to the long-lasting support of its employees. To be sure, the history of the Fujikura Group's social contribution activities started from the foundation of Fujikura Gakuen.

Harukichi Nakauchi, founder of Fujikura Gakuen

Harukichi Nakauchi,
founder of
Fujikura Gakuen

Fujikura Gakuen (social welfare corporation)

Establishment: June 7, 1919
President: Hitoko Kawada
Welfare services Provided through Oshima Fujikura Gakuen and
Tama Fujikura Gakuen
Number of people receiving
welfare services
About 120 in total

Oshima Fujikura Gakuen

Oshima Fujikura Gakuen