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CSR Report

Fujikura Group CSR Report 2011
Social Performance

Relationship with Suppliers

Fujikura Basic Procurement Guidelines

"Fair and square" transactions We pursue procurement transactions with excellent suppliers both in Japan and overseas according to the principle of fair and square competition. We select suppliers based on the fair evaluation of a variety of parameters including price, quality, delivery term, supply stability and reliability.
Cooperation based on mutual trust In all transactions, we conduct business based on the principle of good faith and trust, and strive to build mutually collaborative relationships with our suppliers and other business counterparts based on a win-win philosophy.
Observation of laws, regulations and confidentiality We observe all applicable laws and regulations in conducting procurement transactions. Any confidential information related to our suppliers and/or other business counterparts obtained in the course of transactions is not disclosed to any third party without the express approval of the supplier/business counterpart concerned.

Fair and square procurement

The Fujikura Group runs with the support of its suppliers of materials, parts, and equipment.

To build strong relationships of trust with these suppliers through fair, square, and sincere procurement, we have formulated Fujikura Basic Procurement Guidelines and posted them on our website. In addition, we have also formulated a Code of Conduct for the Procurement Division to bring discipline to our activities. All Group companies regularly participate in seminars on the Japanese Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontractor Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors to ensure legal compliance across the Group.

CSR-oriented procurement

The Fujikura Group asks its major suppliers to introduce CSR activities focusing on the following items, and to this end have established a web page where suppliers can voluntarily check their own progress in CSR activities. The Fujikura Group is thus fostering CSR activities across its supply chain with the understanding and cooperation of its suppliers.

Non-use of conflict minerals

The Fujikura Group will not use conflict minerals, specifically tantalum, tungsten, tin and gold mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and surrounding countries, as materials for its products. Also, if any of the minerals we procure as materials are revealed to be a conflict mineral, we will promptly stop that procurement.