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CSR Report

Fujikura Group CSR Report 2011
Social Performance

Information Disclosure and Communication

Fujikura is working to increase its corporate value through communication, specifically by providing all its stakeholders with correct corporate information in a prompt, accurate, and fair manner and helping them understand the corporate brand concept, which is based on the Corporate Philosophy MVCV.

In particular, we are making efforts to ensure speedy information disclosure via the Tokyo Stock Exchange and through our own press conferences. In our IR web pages, we post our schedule for quarterly information disclosure, data on quarterly performance results, and information on the Mid-Term Business Plan, new business projects, R&D results, the launch of new subsidiaries, and others both in Japanese and English, and also in Chinese from this year.

As part of our IR activities, we hold quarterly briefings on our financial results for institutional investors and securities analysts in Japan. At the briefings held in the middle and end of each fiscal year, top managers themselves explain changes in the business performance and the reasons. In addition, these investors and analysts are invited to an annual briefing on the Mid-Term Business Plan, which is formulated for the sustainable growth of the Company. The President and the director in charge of IR also travel overseas to have meetings with local institutional investors and securities analysts in Europe, and the United States. The executives also proactively participate in seminars held for foreign institutional investors in Japan, deeming it important to have dialogues with such investors.

For general shareholders and personal investors, we disclose up-to-date information promptly on our website. Our Investor Relations Group serves as the contact for inquiries about our business performance disclosure schedules and performance forecasts.