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CSR Report

Fujikura Group CSR Report 2011
Third-Party Opinion / Response to the Third-Party Opinion

Third-party opinion

Reading this report, I can see clearly how proactive the Fujikura Group has been again in implementing measures in fiscal 2010 based on the CSR Basic Principles it formulated in fiscal 2009. I visited the Fujikura-Kiba Millennium Woods, which is introduced in the feature article. The bio-garden provides a wonderful place where urban citizens can come into contact with nature, and this is indeed a good example of a local contribution made by the Group. The report has been improved so that now the CSR activities of domestic sites of Fujikura and Group companies are introduced in more detail. Features describing the localized activities carried out by the Group's domestic and overseas bases are also clearly described. With regards its social performance, I am pleased to note that the Group has continuously improved the employment rate for people with disabilities.

President Nagahama's message indicates that the Sakura Plant recovered rapidly from the damage caused by the earthquake thanks to the effective use of its BCP, but it would have been better if the text had included an explanation of the specific measures taken by the plant in the face of that unprecedented disaster.

Regarding environmental performance, the report gives an outline of the Environmental Management Action Guidelines and details of the measures implemented in line with the guidelines. However, in the Guidelines Version 4 that will be followed from fiscal 2011, some items do not show numeric targets or lack concreteness. These include items on water, volatile organic compounds, and management of chemical substances in products across the supply chain. Based on the activities conducted up to the previous fiscal year, the Group needs to examine more specific and progressive action guidelines.

As the Group increases the share of overseas sales in its total net sales, as a global enterprise it needs to give more appropriate responses to requests from stakeholders. Last November the ISO 26000 standards were published and the definition of "social responsibility" was clarified. Accordingly, the important elements to be focused on in CSR activities have been increasingly shared among companies across the globe. In reference to the seven core subject areas of ISO 26000, I hope that the Group will increase its awareness of global social and environmental challenges within the organization and enhance the measures it is taking in line with its CSR Basic Principles.

Response to the Third-Party Opinion

The Fujikura Group formulated its Corporate Philosophy MVCV in 2005, when it celebrated the 120th anniversary of its foundation. The Group launched its CSR measures in fiscal 2009 based on the mission affirmed in the philosophy, which is to help customers create value and to contribute to society through our "Tsunagu" technologies. In fiscal 2010, which was the second year of our CSR activities, we set out action guidelines comprising 17 items focusing on four areas of "sincere corporate activities," "consideration for the environment," "respect for people," and "harmony with society" and have since been introducing measures to help build a sustainable society. In many of these activities, we have made great progress and have proceeded to the next step. But we have had to spend time laying the foundations for some activities, and so we have actually started to implement them only in this fiscal year. In this third year of our activities, we will work to match the progress level of all our activities to ensure that our three-year efforts bear fruit.

In compiling this CSR report, we have received valuable professional advice from Mr. Motoki. We will adopt his advice, which represents excellent guidelines for the Group to follow in its future CSR activities.