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CSR Report

Fujikura Group CSR Report 2011
Management Performance

Corporate Philosophy and CSR Initiatives

The Fujikura Group's Management Approach

The Fujikura Group was founded with a progressive spirit and has cherished and passed down its corporate DNA as a manufacturing company over 126 years. Against this backdrop and from the viewpoint of our customers, we identify what we should do and what we should not do, and always act accordingly based on a corporate culture in which we put first priority on quality. On that basis, all corporate staff members abide by the Group’s management rules and promote synergy between our production, sales, and R&D bases, driven by the Global Fujikura Production System (G-FPS) as well as by our commitment to CSR and to a better manufacturing culture. Through these measures, we aim to achieve our vision for the four business fields (Telecommunications,Eelectronics, Aautomotive components, and Mmetal cables & Ssystems) described in the Mid-Term Business Plan. In achieving this vision, we will implement our Corporate Philosophy MVCV and become a corporate group that pursues "Value Creation for the Customer" and is appreciated by customers and highly evaluated by society, while achieving further growth for the entire Group.

Corporate Philosophy MVCV

The 2015 Mid-Term Business Plan

Due to spread of globalization, shift to a low-carbon and to energy-efficient society, aging society and birthrate declining which developed countries face, the business environment around us is changing drastically.

In such drastic environmental changes, the Fujikura Group has been working on changing to the corporate culture matching to new age based on new corporate philosophy since 2005. Based on that new corporate culture, we have started a new group strategy-"the 2015 Mid-Term Business Plan".

This Mid-Term Business Plan aims that the change which is strongly committed by every employee will eventually change the entire Fujikura Group as well as Fujikura itself. Please find the summary below.

The 2015 Mid-Term Business Plan

Growth Strategies and Key Measures

Business Targets

The Fujikura Group targets to achieve an operating income margin of 6.5% or higher by implementing the Group's growth strategies and enhancing group management.

FY2010 FY2015
Net sales 521.8 billion yen 650.0 billion yen
Operating income margin 3.2% 6.5% or higher
Share of overseas sales 41% 60% or higher
ROE 4.9% 10.0% or higher

We will put top priority on increasing operating income margin to at least 6.5%.

Growth Strategies and Main Measures

Concept and Initiatives for CSR

The Fujikura Group conducts its CSR activities based on its mission statement in the Corporate Philosophy MVCV, which is to help customers create value and contribute to society through its "Tsunagu" technologies. We regard CSR as one of the key pillars of our business activities and are actively implementing measures to fulfill CSR.
We have formulated a total of 17 activity guidelines for the four focus areas described in the Fujikura Group CSR Basic Principles as common guidelines to be followed by Fujikura and other Fujikura Group companies.

Fujikura Group CSR Philosophy

Fujikura Group believes that the corporate social responsibilities the Group should follow are comprised of activities required for sustainable corporate management and activities for the establishment of a sustainable society, based on Fujikura's Corporate Philosophy (MVCV).

Fujikura Group CSR Basic Principles

Fujikura Group aims to serve as a bridge to an affluent future for people, society and the global environment through "Tsunagu" Technologies by becoming a company that serves the anticipated growth and development of society. We have established the following four focus areas to fulfill our social responsibilities in all aspects of our corporate activities so that each and every employees will comply with the relevant laws and regulations of every country or region we operate in as well as international rules and social norms; become aware of his or her own role as a member of society, and act according to good social sense.

The Fujikura Group's approach to CSR