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CSR Report

Fujikura Group CSR Report 2011
Management Performance

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Fujikura is formulating a widely applicable BCP by appropriately identifying business risks, thereby making the necessary preparations and building a system to respond to any emergencies. Through these efforts we are working to ensure a stable supply of our products to the market and gain more trust from our customers and other stakeholders.

Expanding the BCP target across business segments

In fiscal 2009, we chose pilot departments to be included in the target for a BCP, and began examining and formulating a plan for the selected departments. Specifically, we planned what to do in the departments and across their value chains in the event of a large natural disaster. We have subsequently expanded the BCP target to include three other departments. Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have also decided to formulate a BCP for head office, assuming that a large-scale inland earthquake will hit the Tokyo metropolitan area.

By formulating a BCP across the business segments, we aim to shorten the time required to recover from an emergency and eventually to strengthen our business foundation. We will thus improve our overall ability to respond to disasters and see to it that we can give a reliable response to requests from our business partners, even in case of emergency.

Implementation items

External commendations

Description of the commendation Winner Reason for commendation
April 6 Named "Supplier of the Year" by CommScope, Inc. of the United States AFL Telecommunications Supplied optical components in the data center business.
May 20 Award from the Telecommunications Association Individual employee Contributed to the telecommunications industry for many years.
May 26 Prize from the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan in recognition of contribution to electrical science through a technical paper Fujikura Fine MEMS project
May 27 Letter of thanks from the local employment association in Moka City DDK Ltd. Recognized as an excellent company.
May 31 Letter of thanks from Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Fujikura Cooperated in sales promotion for Subaru cars.
June 1 Supplier Excellence Award from East Japan Railway Co. Fujikura Improved the quality and reduced the cost of products for the Shinkansen bullet train.
June 3 Certificate for type III no labor accidents record from the local labor standards inspection office in Moka City DDK Ltd. Conducted occupational safety and health activities with the participation of all employees.
June 9 Distinguished contribution award from the Japan Cable Television Engineering Association Individual employee Contributed to the CATV industry.
July Best technical paper prize at the Opto-Electronics and Communications Conference Individual employee Wrote a paper on advanced optical fiber and optical laser technologies.
September 11 Certificate for type II no labor accidents record from the local labor standards inspection office in Togane City Fujikura Conducted occupational safety and health activities with the participation of all employees.
September 29 Commended by Wuhan City in China Individual employee Contributed to the manufacture of optical fibers.
October 9 Letter of thanks from the local police department in Koshien Fujikura Transportation Contributed to promoting occupational safety and health activities.
November 19 Distinguished contribution award from the Telecommunications Association Individual employee Contributed to the development of the telecommunication wire manufacturing business.
November 24 Award from the Promotion Foundation for Electrical Science and Engineering Individual employee Contributed significantly to the development of Japan's electrical technologies through inventions and research.
December 16 Incentive award from the optical communication system study group of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers Individual employee Made an excellent research presentation in the technical field.
December 28 Supplier Excellence Award from Honda Motor's three affiliates in China Fujikura Zhuhai Highly evaluated in terms of quality, pricing, and delivery.
February 10 First prize at an environmental competition held by Tochigi Prefecture DDK Ltd. Highly appraised for green planting activities.

G-FPS Activities

G-FPS activities to implement the Corporate Philosophy MVCV

We conduct Global Fujikura Production System (G-FPS) activities to (1) clarify what we should do and what we should not do from the viewpoint of our customers based on our "quality first" policy, which forms the foundation for our manufacturing activities, and (2) reform our corporate culture to this end.

In the G-FPS activities, each and every employee acts based on the MVCV, which serves as their navigator, to enhance their craftsmanship in manufacturing and eliminate all waste without exception. The activities are conducted across both our manufacturing bases and indirect departments in Japan and overseas aimed at the sustainable growth of the Fujikura Group.

Positioning of the G-FPS activities

We conduct G-FPS activities under the slogan "half or double or zero," which means to halve or double the activity indicators or reduce them to zero on a case-by-case basis.
Moreover, we have added a new slogan: "team approach with the participation of all" to grasp every chance to enhance our craftsmanship in manufacturing and respond to changes in the times.

Eliminating waste in indirect departments

In fiscal 2009, we began to eliminate waste in our indirect departments with the participation of all. Four to five members of the departments form a team to conduct improvement activities. At present, there are about 680 such teams at Group companies in Japan, and they have achieved great results by conducting a range of activities, including the "5S" sorting/cleaning and self-discipline activity and activities to conserve energy and improve business operations. Every May we hold the Global Fujikura "KAIZEN" Presentation meeting, and in the one held on the subtheme of "eliminating waste in indirect departments" in fiscal 2010, a total of 25 teams participated, including teams from outside Japan.

Global Fujikura "KAIZEN" Presentation

The Global Fujikura "KAIZEN" Presentation meeting is held in Japan four times a year, at which the results of G-FPS activities conducted at each of the Fujikura Group bases are presented. Before the QC circle meeting and G-FPS "KAIZEN" presentation meeting were consolidated into this meeting, overseas Fujikura Group teams were given only one presentation opportunity per year, but now they can participate in the meeting four times a year. Under the slogan "Let's go to Japan," overseas teams compete enthusiastically in the local competitions held to select who will be sent to Japan. At the meeting held in Japan, for which a subtheme such as "eliminating waste in indirect departments" or "quality" may be set on a case-by-case basis, participants make presentations in English or in Japanese.

Reported cases of Karakuri improvements

We are also conducting Karakuri improvement activities at low cost. Karakuri improvement means using natural energy to automate our operations and reduce the number of staff necessary for the operations. Specifically we use gravity, the power of springs, gear wheels and pulleys, and other devices as well as knowledge and expertise to produce effects that are far greater than the amount of money invested in the improvement. Many such improvement cases have already been reported.

The list of the reported improvement cases is disclosed to employees to encourage the implementation of similar initiatives in other departments.