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CSR Report

Fujikura Group CSR Report 2011
Environmental Performance

Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System


Rapid advances in science and technology have led to the dramatic progress of civilization and to our current enjoyment of an affluent life.

At the same time, we are witnessing the advancing destruction of the environment on the global scale as evidenced by global warming, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, shrinking tropical rainforests, desertification and oceanic pollution. The state of affairs grows graver day by day, putting the survival of not only humankind but all life at stake. Increasingly complex and diversified social systems are deeply intertwined in these global environmental problems, and it is undeniable that the corporate activity is one of the important causes of them.

At Fujikura Ltd. we are very aware that our business activities have a close relationship with the global environment and make every possible effort to protecting the global environment.

Basic Concept

At Fujikura Ltd. we extend our basic policy of "endeavoring to create an affluent and life through the efforts of all members of the Fujikura Group" to the global network, and tackle the conservation of the global environment through total collaboration of the company.

Action Guidelines

In all fields of our business activities, each member of our company shall act with a priority on the global environment conservation.

System to Promote Environmental Activities

The overall environmental conservation activities of the Fujikura Group are managed by the Environment Working Group under the Group CSR Committee. The Environment Working Group is responsible for the discussion and resolution of issues related to the Group's environmental management. Specific activities of the body include setting annual and medium-term goals, formulating plans according to the set goals and monitoring the progress of the implemented plans. For addressing priority themes, special teams which support the planning of measures and ensuring implementation of the measures across the Group, etc., are organized under the Working Group as necessary.

Fujikura Group CSR Environment Activity Promotion System

Fujikura Group ECO-PASS environmental information collection system

Fujikura is committed to identifying its energy use and waste generation amounts as well as the use of chemical substances in its business operations, in order to clarify related problems and make improvements to reduce its environmental impact. To this end, we have been collecting and managing environmental data from each factory and office in the Fujikura Group.

Last fiscal year we launched the Fujikura Group ECO-PASS system to increase the efficiency of environmental data collection.

In order to encourage the sharing and analysis of the collected information across the Group to further reduce our environmental impact, we have "visualized" the information, including data about our environmental impact and the results of our environmental activities.

Fujikura Group ECO-PASS environmental information collection system

Legal Compliance

We work to ensure compliance with environmental laws, regulations, ordinances, and agreements under our environmental management system and evaluate the results. In fiscal 2010 there were no violations of laws, regulations, ordinances or agreements either at Fujikura or at its domestic and overseas subsidiaries.