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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2016
[ISO 26000 Core Subject] Human Rights and Labor Practices

Fujikura Academy's Approach to Human Resource Development

On the occasion of celebrating a corporate history that spanned 120 years and launching its "Third 60 Years", Fujikura undertook the total renovation of its management philosophy to become an enterprise that helps customers create value and that makes contributions to society through its "Tsunagu" technologies. In order to develop talent who will help the Company reach this goal, we established Fujikura Academy as the employee training/education department of the Fujikura Group in April 2006.

Approach to human resources development

The focus of human resources development is on on-the-job training (OJT), collective training (OFF-JT), self-development, and job rotation, and these four are supported by a corporate culture and climate oriented toward human resource development.

Fujikura's educational system

Mandatory stratified training for all employees

We have training programs for each career stage, including programs for employees in the first, second and third year of employment, and for OJT, team leaders, and managers. There are also programs for managers who support the personnel system, such as a training program for evaluators.

Selective training

We provide selective training designed to develop leaders for manufacturing and other business operations.

Optional training

We also provide a range of optional training programs for proactive use by employees who are highly motivated to improve their abilities regarding presentations in Japanese and English, communication, management, and accounting, and by employees who are recommended by their managers to receive extra training.


Correspondence courses and external training

  • For correspondence courses, employees can choose the program that best suits their purpose from among 300 or more courses.
  • With external training, employees are provided opportunities to receive training with members of other companies.
  • Incentive payment system

Language education

  • Employees are provided opportunities to take the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) within the company twice a year.
  • Training on English and Japanese languages
  • Incentive payment system

Fellow certification system

Fujikura Ltd. certifies the following employees as "fellows" (special researchers) and treats them as being equal to directors: those engaged in technology and R&D fields who are widely recognized for their considerable expertise and wonderful personality and who have achieved outstanding results; and those who received outstanding external evaluations in academic and scientific fields. At present, the company employs three fellows, who serve as good models for those working to achieve higher goals in technology and R&D fields.

Human resource development activities

In fiscal 2015, Fujikura Ltd. conducted a range of human resource development training, including mandatory training and language seminars provided by Fujikura Academy, as well as compliance and risk management seminars held under the leadership of the relevant departments. A total of 31,000 employees participated in these events.

2015 Training and seminars Results (Fujikura)


No. of participants Breakdown
Men Women
2015 Training and seminars Results 31,800 26,708 5,092

Quantification of the Group's CSR activities (Human Resource Development)



■Fujikura Group


[Major seminars held as a part of human resource development activities]

  • Mandatory training and training for new employees, language seminars, and training provided by each in-house company and site
  • Seminars on occupational safety and health, mental health, health control, and BCP/BCM
  • Seminars on management philosophy, CSR, manufacturing, quality and the environment, intellectual property, and the brand logo
  • Compliance and risk management training, and e-learning seminars

Development of global human resources

Now The Fujikura Group has more than 50,000 employees across 24 countries and regions, who continue to develop innovative and useful products and solutions, and aim to be the most credible partner for customers through "TSUNAGU" technologies, dealing with manufacturing day and night.
In order to further enhance this effort, the key is global human resource that can be play an active role globally. The activities of human resource development for this, is one of the important pillars of management that leads to the future of the Group.


  • We are fostering the following activities to develop global human resources


Major activities

The Fujikura Group is a group developing on a global scale. Securing and fostering globally active human resources is something we proactively work toward as a theme indispensable in the development of our Group.

The plans and activity results of our 2015 fiscal year and major initiatives are presented below, together with our 2016 fiscal year plans.

Theme FY2015 FY2016
Plan Activities and Results Plan
Secure and Foster Globally-Active Human Resources ・Strengthen public recruitment ・Held corporate research seminars for students
・Promoted hiring activities abroad (North America, India, Asia)
・Strengthened career hiring
・Construct a common personnel platform for the Group and developed human resources
1. Improvement of retention and motivation among advanced specialist, engineering, and leadership human resources
2. Group-wide increase in opportunities for development and promotion
3. Construction of a common platform to accelerate mobilization and proper allocation of human resources
・Promote talent management through use of the human resources database ・Began database for skills, goal management, and personnel evaluation ・Promote diversity
1. Cultivation of a corporate culture that can benefit from diverse values and perceptions
2. Creation of a working environment that enhances labor productivity
・Strengthened mid-level hiring ・Began employee career counseling ・Promote Group companies’ development and talent management through use of the human resources database
・Global training ・Training for overseas subsidiary executive candidates and overseas training ・Full-scale launch of training for overseas subsidiary executive candidates

Overseas quality-manufacturing training school

Employees of overseas Group companies are provided with an opportunity to undertake hands-on experience at the Group’s manufacturing facilities in Japan, where they learn about the Japanese-style teamwork-oriented manufacturing operations, improvement activities including small-group activities, and business management methods. The Group intends to develop leaders who can foster manufacturing that integrates the good points of Japanese- and overseas-style manufacturing methods, thereby further enhancing quality manufacturing across the Fujikura Group.

Eliminating waste

The Fujikura Group began conducting activities to eliminate waste with the participation of all employees in fiscal 2009. Employees of the manufacturing and administrative departments are conducting improvement activities in groups. For example, about 590 teams were formed by employees of the administrative departments and have achieved great results by fostering energy conservation, the “5S” sorting/cleaning and self-discipline activity, and improvement of business operations. Every May we hold the Global Fujikura “KAIZEN” Presentation meeting, in which teams participating from outside Japan also present their improvement results.