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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2016
[ISO 26000 Core Subject] Human Rights and Labor Practices

The Fujikura Group's Health and Productivity Management Activities

Helping employees promote their health

Employee health and disease prevention were first identified as an important issue for the Fujikura Group in 2010. Specifically in formulating the 2015 Mid-term Business Plan, we decided to foster measures for employee health based on the idea that "good employee health is the basis for corporate competitiveness" and as a result of discussing the significance of employee health for the Group to remain to be a corporate entity needed by society 10 and 20 years after. Then in the next year, or in 2011, we established a new in-house group named "Health Care Solution Group" and launched the 2015 Mid-Term Business Plan toward the future.

We searched for an effective health promotion program for employees, but there were no companies that could offer such a program to us. We therefore decided to develop a new health promotion program independently, which would help individual employees manage their health data and conduct health promotion activities in an effective manner by the use of information technologies. We also distributed pedometers to individual employees so that they could monitor their health on a daily basis. In addition, we installed body composition monitors and manometers at our sites for employees to easily check their health at their workplaces. In fiscal 2015, we expanded the target of these measures to include employees of Group companies in addition to those of Fujikura Ltd.

Policies and targets

There are two underlying policies to promote the health management of the Fujikura Group.
One is shown on the "Criteria for the management of employees' health and safety and for ethical considerations". "6.Promotion of a safe, hygienic work environment and health management" is written in the Section Six.
The other is the "Fujikura Group Basic Principles for Safety and Health". Is in Section Four,there is a phrase "4.We will foster our health both mentally and physically and endeavor to manage our health in an autonomous manner".

Criteria for the management of employees' health and safety and for ethical considerations

Fujikura Group Basic Principles for Safety and Health

Safety is the basis of all our business operations. The Fujikura Group's management and all its employees will conduct business operations giving first priority to safety and legal compliance, thereby creating safe and comfortable workplaces and fostering their own mental and physical health.

Specific activities

As stated in the Fujikura Group Health Management Declaration announced in December 2013, the Fujikura Group supports individual employees in taking care of their own health while also promoting organizational healthcare activities based on the belief that employee health is one of its most important management resources. By conducting these employee health promotion activities, the Group aims to become a corporate group that is appreciated by customers, highly evaluated by society and whose employees work in vigor.

Self-Management of Health According to Risk Categories

In the Group's health promotion and disease prevention activities, employees are classified according to their health risks and provided with programs made for their risk categories. This helps employees recognize what health situations they are in and allows them to choose the programs suitable for their own situations. Specifically, based on the regular health checkup results, employees who show symptoms of preventable diseases are identified and asked whether they have already received treatment at medical facilities or not. All the information thus obtained is analyzed, and individual employees are classified into "high risk," "medium risk," "low risk" and "healthy" categories according to the urgency and gravity of any complaints, and are subdivided into groups by disease within each category. Then the Group decides on the measures to support employees' health according to their risk categories and groups, in consideration of the cost effectiveness of the disease prevention measures to be implemented for each category and group.

Fujikura Group Health Management Declaration

The Fujikura Group believes that employee health is one of our most important management resources. We support individuals in taking care of their own health, while we also promote organizational activities for healthcare as part of our goal to be a corporate group that is appreciated by customers, highly evaluated by society and whose employees work in vigor.

Firm-wide health promotion system

Health promotion program implemented by the Group

Fujikura Ltd. launched the health promotion and illness prevention program for its employees in January 2013, aiming to become a corporate group whose employees work in vigor. Encouraged by the great results achieved through the program, we formulated the Fujikura Group Health Management Declaration on January 1, 2014, and have been working to expand the target of the program to include more and more Group companies.
We aim to foster health and productivity management across the Group by fostering health promotion and illness prevention activities at more Group companies. To this end, we introduced the health promotion program to Group companies, as described below. We aim to foster health and productivity management across the Group by fostering health promotion and illness prevention activities at more Group companies. To this end, we introduced the health promotion program to Group companies, as described below.

Aug.2014 Fujikura Engineering Ltd.
Fujikura Business Support Co., Ltd.
Fuji Kouei Co., Ltd.
Fujikura Logistics Co., Ltd.
Fuji Materials Ltd.
Oct.2014 Aomori Fujikura Kanaya Ltd.
Nov.2014 Tohoku Fujikura Ltd.
Dec.2014 Fujikura Solutions Ltd.
Jan.2015 Kyoei High Opt Co., Ltd.
Fujikura Components Ltd.
Mar.2015 Fujikura Precision Ltd.
Nishi Nippon Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
Shinshiro Cable Co., Ltd.

External evaluation and contribution

■Certified as a “Tokyo Sports Promotion Company” by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Since the 2015 fiscal year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has recognized companies and organizations that are implementing social contribution activities through excellent efforts in promoting sports activities with their employees as a "Tokyo Sports Promotion Company" and established the "Tokyo Sports Promotion Company Certification System" to widely publicize this to their citizens. This system aims to promote sports activities in companies, as well as fostering sports in society's mind, and to realize "Sports City Tokyo" towards 2020 (Tokyo Olympics). Our company was certified as a "Tokyo Sports Promotion Company" by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, being recognized for implementing step walking event, bicycle commuting program, Nordic walking experience event, physical function evaluation test, and others.

Various activities conducted by employees

■Opening of the Health Activity Space

We started an attempt to “change the way we work” at the common space within our company headquarters. The meeting corner on each floor was renovated so employees could gather together and talk casually with each other while actively moving their bodies, allowing them to be exposed to various information. It is called "FHAB (Fujikura Health Activity Base)", and is used by many of our employees.

Fujikura Health Activity Base

■Start of the Bicycle Commuting Program

Our Sakura office implemented the “Jitetsu” bicycle commuting program that is designed to utilize the commute time to improve both the health and mind. By renting out sports bikes, we were able to allow people to experience a new world that could be experienced, unlike the typical standard bicycles. Currently, we are expanding this program at other offices.

■Nordic Walking Trial Event

As an integrated activity of the group companies, we have incorporated the poles manufactured by Caravan Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Fujikura Rubber Industry Ltd., for the Nordic Walking (NW) as part of the health promotion activity. We also held a demonstration event at each office. Nordic Walking uses 20% more energy than walking normally. There are employees who have lost 20kg by doing this activity on a continuous basis.

Step Count Event

The step count event which started in April, 2013 is held twice a year, and is now our 7th event.

This event is a project that aims to promote health both mentally and physically by walking to raise employees' liveliness. This event was started to improve the liveliness of the employees by improving one’s physical and mental health through walking.

Walking is said to improve both health and mind and thus there are an increasing number of employees who have started to be more health conscious by doing things like taking the stairs and not using the elevator.

Participation in TABLE FOR TWO

TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) is a social contribution activity initiated in Japan by the NPO named TABLE FOR TWO International with a view to reducing the imbalance between developing countries facing the problems of starvation and malnutrition, and developed countries suffering the problems of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases. When employees buy a healthy lunch meal provided under the TFT program, 20 yen will be donated through the TFT secretariat to developing countries to provide local children with school lunches. It is said that a lunch can be offered to a school child at the cost of 20 yen, and so employees can donate a meal to a child every time they buy a meal for themselves under the program.Fujikura Ltd. began selling healthy TFT lunches at its head office cafeteria in January 2014 to support the TFT activity. This healthy lunch, a low-calorie meal composed of a variety of vegetables, is sold every Wednesday. It is well balanced in terms of nutrition and is indeed good for health. Employees can eat a healthy meal by choosing the TFT lunch, and by doing so can also donate to children in developing countries. Thus, the company is providing employees with opportunities to make social contributions easily and to also help children in developing countries while becoming healthy themselves.



Mental Health Care Training

On December 1, we invited a mental health consultant and held mental health training for employees. This modern age is said to be a stressful society. Being physically and mentally healthy is important and is considered a major topic that we are undertaking. In the 2015 fiscal year, we conducted self-care training and workplace improvement from a managerial perspective with the theme being “Anger Management” and learned about controlling our “Anger”. This training was conducted at the company headquarters and the Suzuka office. We plan to hold it at the Numazu office in the 2016 fiscal year.

Implementing and Utilizing Presenteeism

Interest in "Presenteeism" is increasing for employee health management at companies. Presenteeism is a term that refers to "a situation where one is ill but not ill enough to take the day off, and though at work, due to the decline in mental and physical condition, productivity has decreased”.

Companies need to maintain productivity in order to continue with their economic activities. Our group, who has been implementing health management, has introduced Presenteeism since the 2014 fiscal year. Its purpose is to help employees create "a comfortable workplace environment" by quantifying the decline in productivity due to employee's decrease in health, and by making it an index to measure the effect of companywide health promotion and disease prevention activities.

In the 2015 fiscal year, we conducted Presenteeism measures for health promotion program implementers.

Workplace Development of Standing Work Office Model

Our company's Health Management Promotion Office is a model workplace for "Standing Work Office". If you are working in such a way that you are standing for long hours at a time and hardly moving at all, it is said that it leads to "performance deterioration", "loss of communication", and "increased risk of developing disease". At the Health Management Promotion Office, we are investigating the positive effect of standing office work as one of our efforts to increase the amount of physical activity in the office.