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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2016
[ISO 26000 Core Subject] Human Rights and Labor Practices

Basic principles, policies, and medium- to long-term vision

The basic concept of diversity in companies is to respect and value the differences of individual employees and provide all employees with equal opportunities to display their abilities within the organization, thereby making the most of their capabilities for the company. Based on this concept, we are proactively conducting activities on various themes, including helping women display more of their abilities, employing people with disabilities, reemploying retirees, and employing non-Japanese people.

■Basic principles and policies

The Fujikura Group fosters diversity based on the following principles and policies.

■Diversity Initiatives

Our primary initiatives concerning diversity within the Group is to create an organization where a diverse array of human resources can be active regardless of nationality, race, sex, religion, age, or other factors. Specifically, we have promoted the following initiatives.

Also, in December 2016, the president of the Company carried out the "Promoting Diversity at the Fujikura Group".

Promoting the Success of Women

The creation of a society where women can excel, have confidence, and take action in their lives is one of the most important tasks that Japan and the UN-centered international community face when it comes to measures for creating our future. As members of the United Nations Global Compact, the Company and other companies within the Group are working to create corporate environments where female employees can excel.

Measures implemented by the United Nations and Japan

The Fujikura Group, as a global corporate entity, has been fostering measures to help women display more of their abilities in line with the international trend and specifically based on the Nairobi Forward-looking Strategies for the Advancement of Women and the Women's Empowerment Principles announced by the United Nations. For such measures, we also refer to the Basic Act for Gender Equal Society of Japan, the Basic Plan for Gender Equality, the Third Basic Plan for Gender Equality, and other statements made by the Cabinet Office of Japan, while giving consideration to recent movements in the EU.

Activities in detali:

Policies and Targets

Based on international trends and movements centered on the United Nations as well as basic legislation and keystone planning in Japan, the Group’s initiatives for promoting success in women's activities have established our medium to long-term vision and goals as founded in our basic philosophy of diversity and CSR Activities Guidelines.

■Vision for the Medium Term

  • Improve ratio of female employee and create a comfortable working environment


Major Initiatives in 2015 Fiscal Year

We have been advancing in our efforts within the Diversity Promotion Project, a project realized by the Human Resources Diversity Promotion Team in its role as a group dedicated to utilizing diverse human resources.

■Major Initiatives

■Plans and results for fiscal 2015 for priority CSR issues, target for fiscal 2016

[FY 2015 Plan and Actual Results]

FY 2015
Plan Activities record
Female managerial job ratio target value
1. Counselor to reduce number of leaving jobs
2. Female 50% by adopting administrative system
Conducted a career interview for eligible employee
Newly graduated female employed ratio 54.5% in 2016
female year over year Female ratio (%) year over year male
Manager 14 (±0) 1.5 (±0) 890
More than general manager 2 (+2) 1.4 (+1.4) 145
Official 0 (0) 0.0 (0) 29
Executive officer 0 (0) 0.0 (0) 16

[Plan for 2016]

FY 2016
Improve female managers ratio
Survey of female employees' attitudes and implementation of interviews
Training for female employees and managers

Response to female success promotion law

The creation of a society where women can shine is an important theme in initiatives for the future of Japan. In March 2016, we formulated the Action Plan for the Promotion of Women's Activities, which is concerned with improvements in the working environment necessary for women's success. At present, our Company is promoting efforts to acquire Eruboshi, a mark of certification awarded to enterprises that excel in initiatives for women’s activities.

Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and our Company’s Initiatives

Our Group aims to promote employee vibrance and corporate growth through work on gender equality and female empowerment as set out in UN’s Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs), treating these as CSR issues. As specific benefits, we can expect to enjoy improvements in employee satisfaction and productivity, a better understanding of our own level of initiative when compared to other companies, and share examples of good practices.

■UN Women’s WEP Check

Presently underway is the review of the WEPs Gap Analysis Tool, a tool for enterprises to instigate action in achieving the 7 Principles of the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) as put forth by the United Nations Global Compact, UN Women, and other parties. We at the Fujikura Group are also participating in review conferences for this tool. Until the WEP Gap Analysis Tool is complete, our CSR Committee is using a checklist published by UN Women as a provisional analysis tool to conduct self-evaluation and analysis for the Group.

Fujikura group female managerial ratio (FY 2015)

The results of the female managerial ratio of the Group in fiscal 2015 are as follows.

■Fujikura Group

Percentage of female managers (%) 9.4
Female more than general manager (%) 13.4
Number of female official 29

■Domestic group companies including Fujikura

Percentage of female managers (%) 1.5
Female more than general manager (%) 0.9
Number of female official 0

■Overseas group companies

Percentage of female managers (%) 17.4
Female more than general manager (%) 18.3
Number of female official 29

[Breakdown of overseas group companies by region]

America Asia EU and others
Percentage of female managers (%) 35.3 6.7 17.4
Female more than general manager (%) 19.1 18.5 16.1
Number of female official 3 23 3
Aggregation condition [Point of Inquiry] As of the end of March 2016
[Target Company] 55 major group companies including Fujikura
(Fujikura, 24 domestic group companies, 30 overseas group companies)
[Cover rate] 99%

Employment of people with disabilities

Policies and Targets


From the viewpoint of realizing social responsibility and normalization (engaging in mutual assistance with disabled and elderly people), we are actively engaged in employing people with disabilities and improving their working environments. Our aim is to achieve a statutory employment rate of 2%, realizing normalization* and our social responsibility by promoting improvements in working environment throughout for people with disabilities the entire Group.


Expand the employment of people with disabilities

  • (1)Achievement of the targeted employment rate (2%)
  • (2)Improve the work environment
  • (3)Examination on a special subsidiary

Major Initiatives FY2015

■Employment of people with disabilities

[Plans and activities of FY 2015]

FY 2015
Plans Activities record
Establish special special subsidiary, improve employment rate for domestic group as a whole Special subsidiary "Fujikura Cube" established
Achieve goal with employment rate 2.0% in 2015

▼Employment ratios for people with disabilities

End of fiscal 2011 End of fiscal 2012 End of fiscal 2013 End of fiscal 2014 End of fiscal 2015
1.85% 1.9% 1.85% 1.97% 2.0%

[Plan for 2016]

FY 2016
1. Stable operation and expansion of the special subsidiary 'Fujikura Cube'
2. Compliance with statutory employment rate

Support system for people with disabilities (Fujikura)

Support system Contents of the system
Special hospital leave system
Enrichment of facilities
Sports competition employee support system
Regular outpatient support for people with disabilities (6 days a year)
Toilets for people with disabilities ・ Parking lots ・ Telephone for hearing aids ・ Installation of rest rooms
Support employees who do sports competitions for people with disabilities

Elevator for people with disabilities (Sakura Works)

Establishment of Fujikura Cube, a Special Subsidiary

As one of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, we are engaged in the proactive employment of people with disabilities, guided by our mission to “cultivate an organizational climate that enables a diverse array of employees to fully utilize their strengths and maximizing their abilities through proactive recognition of each other's individuality” as per our Fundamental Philosophy of Diversity. In addition, we established Fujikura Cube Ltd. within the Company’s Sakura office as one of our wholly owned subsidiary on November 2, 2015, aiming to create an enterprise where everyone can work actively.

On April 1, 2016, the 10 employees of Fujikura Cube, which included five with disabilities, began operations with the goal of obtaining Special Subsidiary certification. The enterprise has taken on a variety of responsibilities at our Company’s Sakura office, including greenification, cleaning of the company housing and dorms, in-house mailing duties, and more.

On June 1, 2016, Fujikura Cube Co., Ltd. was accepted as a Special Subsidiary, receiving its certification together with its parent company (our Company) at the Kiba Public Employment Security Office (Koto Ward, Tokyo).

Going forward, we would like to see Fujikura Cube increase its staff to around 30 employees by 2020 (five years after commencement), expand its operations, contribute to improving the efficiency of the Group as a whole, and promote the employment of local people with disabilities.

[Company overview]

Name Fujikura Cube Ltd.
Location Mutsuzaki 1440, Sakura City, Chiba
Established November 2, 2015
Representative Hiroyuki Mizuno, President and Representative Director
Capital 10 million yen
Shareholder Fujikura Ltd. (100%)
Special Subsidiary certification date June 1, 2016
Employees 10 (with disabilities, 5)
Business type Greenification, cleaning, clerical support

Opening Ceremony

Employment Ceremony

Turf cuting work

*Based in the Act on the Promotion of the Employment of Disabled Persons of Japan, a special subsidiary is a corporation which has obtained approval from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare after satisfying certain requirements in regards to the employment of people with disabilities. A special subsidiary allows its number of persons with disabilities to be calculated as the employment portion of the parent company and corporate group for the calculation of the rate of employment of people with disabilities.

Providing support for employees with disabilities to participate in sports

Fujikura Ltd. proactively employs people with disabilities, including athletes in wheelchairs, for whom the company is working to improve the workplace environment. Moreover, we eagerly support those who aim to participate in the Paralympics.

Employment of foreign nationals

In promoting global management, it is becoming more important for us to manage human resources across national borders. At present, Fujikura has 55 non-Japanese employees.

Securing and culting human resources active globally (Fujikura)

[Plans and activities of FY 2015]

FY 2015
Plans Activities record
1.Strengther recruitment publicity
・Held large corporate research seminars for students
・Promoted hiring activities abroad (North America, India, Asia)
・Strengthened mid-level hiringStrengthened mid-level hiring
2.Promote talent management throrgh human resource datebade ・Started database for skills, goal management, and personnel evaluation
3.Strengther career recruitment ・Started employee career counseling
4.Global training ・Trained executive candidates at overseas subsidiaries
・Carried out overseas training

[Numer of foreign natinonals more than general manager FY2015]

FY 2015
Foreign employee (year over year)
Manager 5 (+1)
General manager 0 (0)
more than officer Board member 1 (±0)
Executive officer 1 (±0)

[Plan for 2016]

FY 2016
1. Creation of a common personnel platform for the Group
2. Human resource development
 ①Improvement of retention and motivation among advanced specialist, engineering, and leadership human resources
 ②Group-wide increase in opportunities for development and promotion
 ③Appropriate allocation of human resources
 ④Creation of a common platform to accelerate mobilization
3. Diversity promotion
 ①Cultivation of a corporate culture that can benefit from the values and perceptions of diversified human resources
 ②Creation of a working environment that enhances labor productivity
4. Promotion of Group development and talent management through use of the human resources database
5. Full-scale launch of training for executive-level candidates at overseas subsidiaries