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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2016
[ISO 26000 Core Subject] Community Involvement and Development

CSR Activities at Fujikura Group

Group Companies in Japan

Activities by Fujikura Automotive Asia Ltd.

◆Visiting a local facility for people with mental disabilities as in the previous fiscal year

Every year, to give Christmas presents to the local facility for people with mental disabilities named "Sakuranbo-no-ie," employees of Fujikura Automotive Asia bring used cans and PET bottles from their homes to the company. The cans and bottles are sold to a recycling company and the proceeds are used to buy the presents. On December 2015, six members of the company visited the facility to give the Christmas presents.

Activities by Nishi Nippon Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

◆ "Parent-Child Futsal Tournament" Held

In order to convey the fun and attraction of sports to children in the area, Nishi Nippon Electric Wire and Cable held a "Parent and Child Futsal Event” on November 1. On the day, we invited 6 main players from Vasagey Oita, the local professional futsal club, and held futsal classes and mini games.

◆Holding a "children's visiting day" event

Nishi Nippon Electric Wire & Cable held a "children's visiting day" event on August during their summer vacation. Specifically, the company invited the children of employees to its facilities, with a total of eighteen children from fourteen families participating in the event. At the event, the voices of children filled the workplace, a rare occurrence, which invigorated the entire company with a cheerful atmosphere. In the future, the company will hold this event annually, which will be eagerly anticipated by employees and their families.

Activities by DDK Ltd.

◆Implement Quality Improvement Training for Cooperating Companies

DDK, in order to develop 5S activities for cooperating companies (organization, arrangement, cleaning, cleanliness, discipline), visited 10 cooperating companies and held 5S study groups and how to patrol method classes.

Activities by Suzuki Giken Co., Ltd.

◆Donations to Fujikura Gakuen

Suzuki Giken makes donations on a continual basis to Fujikura Gakuen (welfare facilities for people with intellectual disabilities). The company has also installed a special vending machine within the premises, with part of the proceeds from the machine to be donated to Fujikura Gakuen.

Activities by Fujikura Engineering Ltd.

◆Safety patrols at construction sites

Fujikura Engineering conducted safety patrols at 26 sites where the company was engaged in construction work as part of is occupational safety and health activity.

Activities by Activities by Fuji Materials Ltd.

◆Making a green curtain to stop global warming

Fuji Materials has been implementing anti-global warming measures. For example, it grew morning glories into a green curtain of about 40 m2 at the side of the head office in summer, which helped lower the room temperature and save energy used for air conditioning.

◆Participation in the summer festival held by the local industrial park

Fuji Materials participated in the summer festival held by the local industrial park and contributed to promotion of the park by operating a snack stand during the festival.

Activities by Tohoku Fujikura Ltd.

◆Implementation of Various Disaster Prevention Drills

Tohoku Fujikura conducted various disaster prevention drills to prepare for future earthquakes. 624 people, including day work and night shift, participated in the evacuation drill. There were also 15 people who participated in the initial fire extinguishing training using fire extinguishers.

◆Contributing to local communities through a local cleanup activity

Tohoku Fujikura participated in a cleanup activity held by the liaison committee of local companies in the Goshono district. The committee conducts this activity every spring, and in fiscal 2015, employees of 47 companies located in the district participated in the activity, including 25 employees of Tohoku Fujikura.

Activities by Fujikura Precision Ltd.

◆Management Supervisor's Mental Health Care Training

Fujikura Precision invited a nurse as a lecturer and implemented a Management Supervisor's Mental Health Care Training for group chiefs and supervisors as part of the safety and sanitation activities.

Overseas Group Companies

Activities by AFL Telecommunications LLC.

◆Promote Greenery by Distributing Seedlings

AFL Telecommunications LLC, USA, South Carolina, USA, is engaged in activities called "AFL Take Root" every year to increase greenery as much as possible in the world. The company has been doing this activity from six years ago, and also prepared seedlings such as pine trees this year, and their employees gave these seedlings to the children of the local elementary school. The number of seedlings that the company has provided so far is more than 14,000, exceeding the target.

◆Assembling Children's Prosthetic Hands

AFL Telecommunications LLC, South Carolina, USA has assembled prosthetic hands for children between the ages of 7 and 12. Assembled prosthetic hands are distributed to children with disabilities through Doctors Without Borders (NGO).

◆Collecting Plastic Bottle Caps and Aluminum Cans to Support Young Cancer Patients

AFL Telecommunications LLC, South Carolina, USA has collected 18.3 kg of PET bottle caps and 364 kg of aluminum cans and sold them to recycling companies. Revenues were used for pediatric cancer patients and medicines.

Activities by Fujikura Automotive Mexico, S. de R. L. de C. V

◆Approach to Air Pollution

All employees at Fujikura Automotive Mexico participates in a clean transport program aimed at improving air pollution. The activity was also introduced on local television.

◆Participate in the Country's "Cherish the Water" Campaign

Fujikura Automotive Mexico participated in the national campaign aimed at promoting culture that values water.

◆Support Activities to Raise Awareness about Cancer

Fujikura Automotive Mexico supports "People with Cancer Walk" which carries out activities to raise awareness for cancer by walking. Many employees and their families participated in the activity.

Peaple with Cancer Walk

◆Implement Environmental Education at Elementary School

Fujikura Automotive Mexico educated elementary school students on the importance of considering the environment, global warming, and water. Also, we donated trees for reforestation to the school.

◆Visiting Nursing Homes

At the Mexican FAMX company, Fujikura Automotive Mexico visited a nursing home, an important community, to communicate with residents.

Activities by Fujikura Automotive Paraguay S. A.

◆Holding Family Events

Fujikura Automotive Paraguay invited family members of employees to the workplace and held events. Many events were held at the venue, and employees and their families had a good time.

◆Employee Training at Fujikura University

Fujikura Automotive Paraguay, employees participate in an education project at the Fujiwara University, and are taught production technology, business management and such to improve their knowledge.

◆ Establishing Blood Donation Club

Fujikura Automotive Paraguay contributes to regional medicine by establishing a donor club for blood donation, selecting donors that meet the patient's needs from the club, and donating blood.

Activities by Fujikura Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.

◆Participate in Community Activities on Children's Day

Fujikura Electronics(Thailand), Ltd had 261 employees attend children’s day event. On that day, we donated sports equipment, stationery and such to the children.

◆Participate in Making Small "Dams" Through Nature conservation Again This Year

Fujikura Electronics (Thailand), Ltd., 301 employees participated to protect the natural environment of Thailand by participating in the creation of “small dams" in the forest and nature conservation activities such as afforestation of mangroves.

Activities by DDK (Thailand) Ltd.

◆Repair School Damaged by Flood

DDK (Thailand) Ltd., 45 employees in August repaired schools damaged by the flood. We refurbished the roof and the playground of the school building, and improved the educational environment.

◆Make Donations to Orphans

DDK (Thailand) Ltd. delivered donations, clothing, stationery and food collected in donation boxes set up in the company to the disadvantaged orphans through the foundation.

Activities by Fujikura Automotive (Thailand) Ltd.

◆Donate Educational Items to Schools

Fujikura Automotive (Thailand) Ltd. donated educational items for educational use at elementary schools.

Activities by Fujikura Fiber Optics Vietnam Ltd.

◆Visiting Senior Homes

Fujikura Fiber Optics Vietnam Ltd. visited senior homes, donated gifts, spent a pleasant time together, singing songs together, and trying to communicate with the elderly.

Activities by Fujikura Electronics Vietnam Ltd.

◆Create Safety Posters

Fujikura Electronics Vietnam Ltd. organized a poster with safety theme for each department in order to improve safety awareness and made a presentation.

Activities by Fujikura (China) co., Ltd.

◆Contribution to youth education

Fujikura (China) Co., Ltd. provides support to participants in the WorldSkills Competition and also supports the organization of the national skills competition in China. On August, the national competition was held in Tianjin, with those to participate in the 43rd WorldSkills Competition being selected. The company dispatched official interpreters (in Japanese, English and Chinese) to the competition on information network cabling held as part of the national competition. The company also sent lecturers to technical schools in Guangzhou to hold seminars on the handling of optical fiber fusion splicers and related technologies.

◆Fujikura Group Companies in China Donate Education-related Goods to Fujikura Kibou Primary School

Activities by Fujikura Zhuhai Co., Ltd.

◆Tree Planting Activities Held Again This Year

Fujikura Zhuhai Co., Ltd. has planted trees in March this year as well. On that day, 10 employees participated and planted trees at Fragrant Hills Park.

Activities by Fujikura Changchun Ltd.

◆Holding Jump Rope Tournaments

Fujikura Changchun Ltd. held a jump rope tournament from June to August using the break time to promote employee health.

Activities by Fujikura Hengtong Aerial Cable System Ltd.

◆Annual blood donation activity

KFH annually holds a blood donation activity in an effort to contribute to society. In March, 2015, the company conducted the activity again with the participation of 38 employees.

◆Visiting the poor

Fujikura Hengtong Aerial Cable System Ltd. (KFH) annually sends members of the labor union to visit the poor to donate daily necessities and money as part of its social contribution activities.

Activities by Fujikura Automotive Morocco Kenitra, Fujikura automotive Morocco Tangier and Fujikura Automotive Romania S.R.L.

◆Holding Events for Employees

Fujikura Automotive Romania S.R.L conducted a "Secret Friend" event to build a better working environment. This event took place in December, receiving gifts from anonymous employees and is helping to build good relationships among employees.

◆Participating in a Running Competition

Fujikura Automotive Europe, S.A.U. participated in a running competition to promote the health of employees. A team composed of three people had to get together as a team and go across the goal at the same time for this competition, and we were able to improve teamwork among our employees.

◆Training on Health and Safety

Fujikura Automotive Morocco Tangier, gave a lecture to build a working environment necessary to prevent business risks in order to raise awareness for employees' health and safety.