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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2016
Corporate Profile

The Fujikura Group's Management Approach

The Fujikura Group's Management Approach

The Fujikura Group was founded with a progressive spirit and has cherished and passed down its corporate DNA as a manufacturing company 130 years. Against this backdrop and from the viewpoint of our customers, we identify what we should do and what we should not do, and always act accordingly based on a corporate culture in which we put first priority on quality. On that basis, all corporate staff members abide by the Group's management rules and promote synergy between our production, sales, and R&D bases, driven by the Global Fujikura Production System (G-FPS) as well as by our commitment to CSR and to a better manufacturing culture. Through these measures, we aim to achieve our vision for the four business fields (Telecommunications,Eelectronics, Aautomotive components, and Metal cables & Systems) described in the Mid-Term Business Plan. In achieving this vision, we will implement our Corporate Philosophy MVCV and become a corporate group that pursues "Value Creation for the Customer" and is appreciated by customers and highly evaluated by society, while achieving further growth for the entire Group.

Fujikura Group's Corporate Philosophy MVCV

Activities for management philosophy implementation (G-FPS activities)

Concrete action realizing the MVCV management philosophy

The mission of our G-FPS (Global Fujikura Production System) activities is the creation of a foundation for management in manufacturing capable of responding to new changes in society, the realization of top-level QCDS* through continuous improvement across the entire value chain, and the development of a corporation profitable in a way that leads to the future.

The 2016 FY priority measures for G-FPS activities will involve working on G-Fit Innovation for the promotion of mechanism innovation for manufacturing that maximizes sensing-analysis-network applications.

*One of our product evaluation indices, QCDS stands for Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Service.

Positioning of G-FPS Activity

Eliminating waste in indirect departments

In fiscal 2009, we began to eliminate waste in our indirect departments with the participation of all. Four to five members of the departments form a team to conduct improvement activities. At present, there are about 590 such teams at Group companies in Japan, and they have achieved great results by conducting a range of activities, including the "5S" sorting/cleaning and self-discipline activity and activities to conserve energy and improve business operations.

The Global Fujikura "KAIZEN" Presentation meeting

Every May we hold the Global Fujikura "KAIZEN" Presentation meeting, and in the one held on the subtheme of "eliminating waste in indirect departments" many teams participated, including teams from outside Japan.

Overseas quality-manufacturing training school: Held also this year

Employees of overseas Group companies are provided with an opportunity to undertake hands-on experience at the Group’s manufacturing facilities in Japan, where they learn about the Japanese-style teamwork-oriented manufacturing operations, improvement activities including small-group activities, and business management methods. The Group intends to develop leaders who can foster manufacturing that integrates the good points of Japanese- and overseas-style manufacturing methods, thereby further enhancing quality manufacturing across the Fujikura Group.