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Fujikura Group CSR

Fujikura Group CSR

Promotion of CSR Activities

Fujikura Group CSR Promotion Activities

Dialogue with CSR experts

Every year, Fujikura implements dialogues with the goal of getting opinions from stake holders and intellectuals about topics we should tackle. Fujikura also puts those opinions into action with business activities. This year was the 5th such dialogue with the theme of "Fujikura group efforts to revolutionize work methods," and Fujikura invited Professor Hiroki Sato of Chuo University, an expert in human resources. Fujikura held a broad employee dialogue with administrators, line managers, and even managers attending.

Date: February 23rd, 2017. (Thurs.)
Location: Fujikura Head Office Meeting Room
Expert: Chuo University strategic management studies professor, Hiroki Sato

[Major Opinions]

  • In order to prevent overtime being focused on competent workers, both employee training and raising performance levels for all employees are important.
  • Departments with a lot of overtime can encourage thinking about the week's work using pre-set days to return home on time as a step.
  • The first assignment is important for new employees and they should be assigned to managers who see their potential and train them accordingly.
  • Diversity administration recognizes various values. Driven employees are not bad, but exclusively recognizing employees who are driven is not good.

CSR Homepage

The Fujikura Group CSR committee actively updates CSR information on the employee intranet. There were 100 posts in FY2016 and the page was accessed roughly 60 thousand times that year.

CSR Homepage

CSR World (CSR information paper)

We publish a CSR information paper for employees of manufacturing workplaces and global group employees every month. 12 times a year, a Japanese and English version are made and sent to 70 production bases globally.

CSR World (CSR information paper)

CSV Considerations

Thinking on CSV

Fujikura CSV

Efforts for Environmentally Friendly Products

After the building of the Myanmar office in 2013, the Fujikura group created the joint venture, Barons & Fujikura EPC Co., Ltd. (BFE below) with Barons Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2015, and contributed to the development of Myanmar's electric and communications infrastructure.

Since then, BFE has engaged not only in its main business of electric transmission networks, electric transmission and transformation networks, and communication network installations. It has also contributed to the nation of Myanmar by implementing training of Myanmar's 160 power distribution network engineers, prioritizing training for safe power distribution work.

With the goal of strengthening support of Myanmar's development, starting in 2015 we visited industrial universities and related ministries and agencies, assessed their needs, and established the "Fujikura Scholarship System," as well as donating "Fujikura Technical Report" issues.

The Fujikura group will continue to make our best efforts to contribute to the development of Myanmar.

CSV Efforts