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Fujikura Group CSR

Fujikura Group CSR

Concept and Initiatives for CSR

The Fujikura Group conducts its CSR activities based on its mission statement in the Corporate Philosophy MVCV, which is to help customers create value and contribute to society through its "Tsunagu" technologies. We regard CSR as one of the key pillars of our business activities and are actively implementing measures to fulfill CSR.

ISO 26000: Basis for Our CSR Activities

To earn trust from society, we are conducting CSR activities based on ISO 26000, which is the international standard on social responsibility.

Basis for Our CSR Activities

Basis for our CSR activities

Fujikura Group CSR Philosophy, Basic Policy, Activity Guidelines

Our Group started CSR activities in April 2009. Along with this, we have established the following: “Fujikura Group CSR Philosophy", "Fujikura Group CSR Basic Policy ", and "Fujikura Group CSR Activity Guidelines". We determined "four priority areas" (materiality) when establishing the CSR basic policy.

Fujikura Group CSR Philosophy

Fujikura Group believes that the corporate social responsibilities the Group should follow are comprised of activities required for sustainable corporate management and activities for the establishment of a sustainable society, based on Fujikura Group's Corporate Philosophy (MVCV).

Fujikura Group CSR Basic Principles

Fujikura Group aims to serve as a bridge to an affluent future for people, society and the global environment through "Tsunagu" Technologies by becoming a company that serves the anticipated growth and development of society. We have established the following four focus areas to fulfill our social responsibilities in all aspects of our corporate activities so that each and every employees will comply with the relevant laws and regulations of every country or region we operate in as well as international rules and social norms; become aware of his or her own role as a member of society, and act according to good social sense.

1.Sincere corporate activities
2.Concern for the environment
3.Respect for people
4.In harmony with society

Fujikura Group Activity Guidelines

Fujikura Group CSR Promotion System

At the Fujikura Group, the CSR Committee takes the leadership in fostering CSR-oriented management under the in-house company system. Under the four in-house companies, the business/sales bases and domestic and overseas subsidiaries of Fujikura Ltd. foster activities to fulfill their corporate responsibilities in cooperation with local communities in each country and region.

Fujikura Group CSR Promotion System

CSR Management Structure

CSR Management Structure

Organization Functions

Functions of the Fujikura Group’s CSR Committee

Functions of Fujikura Group's CSR Committee Working Team

Efforts During FY2016

Fujikura Group CSR Committee

Main discussion topics:
-The latest CSR research according to experts
-Results and evaluations on 6 major themes from environmental, social, and governance CSR priority measures, reports on primary activities, etc.

Fujikura Group CSR Committee Working Team

Main discussion topics:
CSR Integrated Report Editorial Policy, drafting CSR initiatives, sharing the latest CSR information, evaluating and reporting on all divisions' CSR activity results, reports on social contribution efforts, etc.