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Third-Party Opinion / Response to the Third-Party Opinion

Third-party opinion

Hiro Motoki, President and Representative Director, E-Square Inc.

Hiro Motoki
President and Representative Director, E-Square Inc.

The report of the Fujikura Group has made significant progress from the previous CSR report as the "Fujikura Group Integration Report" since this fiscal year. By linking with the website, it is possible to understand how CSR and sustainability are captured in corporate management while supplementing disclosure information that can not be included in the booklet version, based on integrated thinking Fujikura's essence of value creation I think that I am successful in putting together.

Fujikura Group We are pioneering the initial page on values ​​that we consider as a core in the history of over 130 years, growth stories with a view to the future, and values ​​based on social contribution activities. In the top message to follow, Masahiko Ito is summarizing the words that the president is talking about on a regular basis and the actions and ways of cherishment. Over the past 130 years, President Ito president himself frequently visits the scene and frequently visits the scene, that many innovations have been caused by all employees recognizing the "connecting" technology, It is a content to understand well that we have promoted integrated management. In addition, from the explanation of how the "connection" technology is utilized in each scene of life for the whole image of value creation, the first, second and third foundations summarized as a step from the foundation , There is new discovery not only for outside stakeholders but also for group employees.

The inappropriate case concerning quality control announced in August was discovered by voluntarily checking the quality control of all products, and we are continuing to respond to clarification of the whole thing. To feel the spirit of seeking honesty as a company even from strengthening the governance structure by increasing the number of outside directors from 1 to 4, establishing the Nominating Advisory Committee and the Compensation Advisory Committee And you can.

We confirmed that the contents that we pointed out in the opinion of the third party of last year are generally reflected. As we look through this year's report, we will mention the following three improvements in the future.

  • As an explanation of the value creation of the Fujikura Group, the flow of providing value to society from business foundation through business model is explained. Maintaining sustainable superiority is an extremely important task in corporate management, so to show concrete examples as well as "technical strength" about "long-term relationship of trust" and "adaptability to change" We recommend.
  • It is wonderful to recognize the world's challenges through the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Target), which is a common goal of the world towards 2030, as a sustainable growth opportunity using the concept of CSV I think. However, the SDGs targets set out in the "6 SDGs Targets Focusing on the Fujikura Group" are listed as SDGs targets to be addressed in "Promotion of CSV Strategy" and "Relationship with SDGs focusing on CSR Priority Measures" SDGs targets are different from each other, making it difficult for areas to focus on. The attitude of rethinking the various efforts that we focus on in relation to SDGs is worthy of evaluation, but we should address the Fujikura group's strengths by taking the 17 goals of SDGs and even 169 targets I think that if you focus on the whole group, it will lead to greater results.
  • The Fujikura group has established four materialities and 12 items of CSR priority strategies, but this report is hard to understand this relationship in the report. Materality means originally important issues by both axes of society's viewpoint and company's viewpoint and it is not good to redefine the 12 items themselves mentioned in the CSR priority policy as materiality I guess. Would not it be easy to understand the content listed as four materialities in the present situation as an area of CSR priority measures?

The Fujikura Group has established an innovation as one of the management strategies to realize missions and opened the Innovation Hub "BRIDGE" which provides a place for startup companies to gather, while children who have intellectual disabilities There is a consistent philosophy that naturally makes social contribution activities such as continuing to nurture the support facility "Fujikura Gakuen". While pursuing the cutting edge of the times, I would like to watch over the various challenges toward realizing a sustainability society unique to the Fujikura Group, which values ​​the spirit of our founding.


Takashi Takizawa, Director and Managing Executive Officer

Takashi Takizawa
Director and Managing Executive Officer

The business environment related to ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) surrounding the Group is changing dramatically, and the attention of companies to ESG activities by stakeholders including institutional investors is also high. Moreover, in order to find the optimum solution to the complex problem that the international community has, we urge to fulfill our own growth and solving social problems at the same time through CSV (creation of common value) to solve social problems through business activities It is done. We invited experts from CSV to conduct dialogs and discussed what sort of CSV should be done by the Fujikura Group in preparation for possible future social changes. By continuing such activities, we would like to further enhance our adaptability to society.

Regarding inappropriate plans concerning quality control in a part of Fujikura products that we announced on August 31, 2018, under the leadership of top management, we will clarify the whole thing and formulate thorough measures to prevent recurrence again, never again We will further strengthen the governance of the entire group so that such cases do not occur.

Well, Mr. Keiichi Motoki received a third-party opinion from a broad perspective from a position as an expert from the viewpoint of Mr. Konomi Motoki, and received an evaluation on summarizing the essence of value creation of the Fujikura Group based on integrated thinking. The depiction of the value creation model was the first attempt by the Fujikura group. Regarding the value creation model, we will continue to discuss within the company, understand our own strengths and competitive advantage, and we would like to lead to long-term and sustainable growth.

In addition, as issues for the current fiscal year, "Presentation of concrete examples on long-term trust relationships and adaptability to change in value creation models", "SDGs goals are different for each approach, making it difficult to identify areas to focus on "" The relationship between the four materialities and the 12 priority measures ". Regarding these recommendations, we will firmly consider each of the proposals at the Fujikura Group CSR Committee, and we will proceed with consideration for initiatives.

We are committed to constantly making efforts to become a "corporate group appreciated by customers and highly appreciated by society" by further promoting efforts towards ESG required by society and by increasing the adaptability to society In order to realize a sustainable society, we will fulfill a part of social responsibility as a corporate group.