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Corporate Profile

"Third 60 years of Leadership" and Corporate Philosophy MVCV

Fujikura Group Corporate Philosophy (MVCV)

Ever since our founding in 1885, we have held tightly to our corporate culture and a certain set of powerful mantras. These twin mantras are "the spirit of enterprise" and "fair play, hard work, and diligence." On the 120th anniversary of our founding in 2005, we announced our third founding as we christened the dawn of a new era and set our sights on further growth. Based on our traditional corporate culture, we established our Corporate Philosophy MVCV, a mission for our group to "contribute to society and create value for customers through 'tsunagu' technologies."

Fujikura Group Corporate Philosophy (MVCV)

MVCV Leaflet in 9 different languages

Fujikura Group Corporate Philosophy (MVCV)

Management Philosophy and Employee Training

We have been raising awareness of the Corporate Philosophy MVCV among individual employees, and in 2010, five years after the establishment of the philosophy, we launched a new activity to foster "1,000 exemplary actions," thereby improving the behavior of individual employees and the entire Group and boosting reform of our corporate culture. Moreover, in fiscal 2011, in order to enhance a Group management approach and realize efficient operation as a group, we began to refer to the Corporate Philosophy MVCV as "The Group Corporate Philosophy MVCV" so that all Group employees can share the philosophy. In FY2012, we began activities to make Fujikura Group Management Philosophy MVCV practical, making it one of the important training themes of Fujikura Academy's stratified employee training. Starting in FY2013, we began initiating a new "Workplace Penetration Association" to adapt to environmental changes and to further develop, and started initiating measures to promote MVCV penetration throughout the Fujikura Group. In FY2016, the group conducted 4 different level-based workshops ranging from new hires to regular-positioned workers. A total of 221 employees attended. Additionally, the group conducted principals training (2 days) for a total of 45 workplace preachers, who act as leaders in fostering MVCV.

4 different level-based workshops

principals training

FY2016 Plan and Activity Results

FY2016 FY2017
Priority Activity Theme Plan Activity Results Plan
Anchoring Fujikura’s management philosophy MVCV 1. Training workplace preachers Implementing information exchange session and idea workshops 1. Training workplace preachers
2. Level-specific training on MVCVl 221 new hires, sophomore employees, team leaders, and more participate 2. Level-specific training on MVCV
3. Educating all employees on MVCV 296 locations reported on activities over the awareness month 3. Educating all employees on MVCV
4. Preparation for expansion to overseas group Creating overseas training programs (English) 4. Expansion to overseas group
5. Communication and sharing of information MVCV website renewal 5. Communication and sharing of information

Award System

Our group implements training for all members over October of every year as a designated MVCV awareness month. This is conducted in order to produce natural behavior based on the group's "Management Philosophy MVCV."

Employees are encouraged to submit activity reports (worksheets) on activities conducted during each year's MVCV awareness month. The MVCV promotion committee then judges the best submissions, and winners receive awards and are introduced in profile on the MVCV homepage and internal corporate newsletter.

During FY2016, 296 teams turned in worksheets and 9 received awards.

FY2016 MVCV Announcement Event

FY2016 MVCV Announcement Even

FY2016 MVCV Award Ceremony

FY2016 MVCV Award Ceremony