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About Report

About Report

Editorial Policy

This is the Fujikura Group’s CSR Integrated Report for 2017.
To maintain the accountability of our business activities to our stakeholders, this report is a complete non-financial measure based on the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) integrated reporting framework. It is also composed in accordance to international standard ISO 26000 “7 core subjects of social responsibility,” as based on the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) documents sent previously. Said documents were sent in response to requests from around the world for data disclosure from a shareholder and investor perspective.

Newly-Added Themes for Corporate Activity (2016)

ESG Category Field New Activity Themes (2016)
Water Risks Dealing with CDP Water
Collaboration with Society Introduction of the "Kiba Millennium Woods" at local event
Disclosure Sales ratio of green related products
Biodiversity Conservation The launch of Project "Sakura Millennium Woods"
Diversity President issues "Promotion of Diversity"
"Eruboshi" certification obtained for promotion of women in the workplace
Respecting Human Rights "Fujikura Group Human Rights Policy" established
"UK Modern Slavery Act" statement issued
Ease of Work "Ikuboss Declaration" issued
"Kurumin" certification obtained for support of child-rearing and work balance
Health and Productivity Management "White 500" Recognition for Corporate Excellence in Health Management
Excellent Facility Management Award
Safety and Health Essential safety efforts
Social Responsibility Joined Japan Business Federation's 1% Club
Collaboration with Society Participation in regional cultural center events
Collaboration with regional volunteer groups 
Joined Kotoku Shakafukishi Kyogikai (Korabora)
Management Goals "2030 Vision" established
Fair Business Practice Tax transparency
Social Regard Continued selection for FTSE4Good, MS-SRI
Selected for two ESG indices set by the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF)
Governance Transition to a company with audit and supervisory committee

About This Report

Webpage (HTML)

Webpage (HTML) / Japanese and English

 PDF / Japanese

PDF / Japanese

Composition Process for This Report

From the consideration stages of this report's formulation, our group selected to start from gathering information via issues that arose during the report's composition, third-party and other specialist opinions, suggestions provided by our stakeholders, and trends in related guidelines. Subsequently, the "Editorial Policy" for the annual CSR Integrated Report was set via meetings and debate through the report's editorial committee, the CSR Committee's specialist committee, and a CSR Committee composed of executives (executive committee).

Composition Process for This Report

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Corporate Governance Code

Responding to Third-Party Feedback

[Proposal 1]

The content of CSR efforts and environmental goal settings is limited to corporate activities in both cases, as an issue for the future. We should set goals that incorporate means of spreading our CSV, such as finding business opportunities in sustainability elements within the business sector. In doing so, it seems likely that we would be able to further unify our CSR priority measures and 2020 Mid-term Business Plan.

[Proposal 2]

Just as there is demand for genuine CSR endeavors, there is also a desire for more polished disclosure of information. We do conduct detailed disclosure of information, such as listing regulatory values and group standards on each site on our environmental data page. However, this data compilation is not limited to environmental data, and could be made readily-comprehensible to readers by indicated year-over-year patterns in primary group-wide ESG data.

Evaluation by Society

There was a following evaluations from external organizations and groups, it has been incorporated of social responsible investment.

Title Our Evaluation
CSR Companies Ranking 2017 (ToyoKeizai Inc.)
115th / 1408
EIRIS Global Platform Sustainability Rating
B / 5 stage evaluation
CDP Global Climate Change Report 2016 Performance Score C / 8 stage evaluation


-FTSE4GOOD Global Index incorporated (Jun. 2016)
-FTSE4GOOD Japan Index incorporated (Jun. 2016)

Morningstar Socially Responsible Investment Index incorporated (Jan. 2016)

-Morningstar Socially Responsible Investment Index incorporated (Jan. 2016)

FETS Blossom/ MSCI Japanese Female Employee Index

-Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) ESG Index Placement (June 2017)
-FTSE Blossom Japan Index
-MSCI Japanese Female Employee Index (Nicknamed WIN)

Official induction into the Japan Business Federation's "1% Club" for social contributions (July 2017)

-Official induction into the Japan Business Federation's "1% Club" for social contributions (July 2017)

Eruboshi Recognition

-Eruboshi Recognition (March 2017)
Awarded Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare’s highest “acknowledgment of women’s workers (eruboshi)”

Kurumin Recognition

-Kurumin Recognition (March 2016)
Awarded Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Kurumin Mark for “corporate child support” (Second time)

White 500 recognition 2017 for health and productivity administration organizations

-White 500 recognition 2017 for health and productivity administration organizations (February 2017)
White 500 recognition 2017 for large-scale health and productivity administration organizations working strategically to manage employee health from an administrative perspective from the Nippon Kenko Kaigi (recognition system set by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Tourism)