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Our Pledge to the World Environment

Fujikura Group Environmental Challenge 2050

Establishment of "Fujikura Group Environmental Challenge 2050"

In response to proposals from the Fujikura group global environment committee, the Fujikura group CSR committee established the "Fujikura Group Long-Term Environmental Vision 2050" and started efforts for the future on July 19th, 2016.

Fujikura Group Environmental Challenge 2050

Enacted: July 19, 2016

Since its founding in 1885, the Fujikura Group has created value for customers and contributed to society through its "Tsunagu" technologies, including power cables, electric wiring parts, and automotive parts. In addition, as a corporate group that is friendly to people as well as the global environment, we began rolling out CSR initiatives in 2009 to achieve a sustainable society.

According to forecasts by international institutions, including the OECD, the Earth is currently heading in a dangerous direction. Weather anomalies, due to climate changes triggered by greenhouse gases, are threatening our everyday lives. In addition, environmental issues, including a shortage of useable water, depletion of resources, serious air pollution, and destruction of biodiversity in tandem with an increase in population and economic activities, are becoming widespread and severe on a global scale.

The Fujikura Group is a global citizen that conducts operations globally. In light of the aforementioned trends, looking toward the future in 2050, the Fujikura Group plans to undertake four challenges to minimize its impact on the environment.
Furthermore, once the Group reduces its environmental burden to zero, in 2065, the year in which Fujikura will mark the company's Fourth Founding, the Group will embark on measures to bring about positive benefit to the global environment.

Fujikura Group Environmental Challenge 2050