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Effective Use of Materials and Reduction of Waste Materials

Principles and Guidelines

We promote the reduction of material usage and efficient usage of materials. We continue to reduce waste in the process of production and strive for zero emission of waste materials.


To continue to strive for reduction of 1% or more per unit of waste materials from the previous year and for zero waste emission within domestic group companies.

FY2016 Efforts

Zero Emissions

The Fujikura group defines our zero emission activities as "a final amount of zero waste products emitted in the production process". Specifically, our zero emission plan is reducing the waste material produced while increasing the yield by weight (efficiency of materials in relation to manufactured goods) at production centers (reduce), reuse any possible materials (reuse), and find businesses that can use waste materials effectively (recycle).

Results of FY2016 Activities

Recycled Amount and Rate

The Landfill Rate (Fujikura and Domestic Group Companies)

In fiscal year 2016, due to restructuring, production bases increased by 4 in '15 to reach a total of 27. The total amount of waste emitted was 20,014 tons (a 2,929 ton increase from the previous year). From that, the total amount disposed of in landfills was 63 tons (a 48 ton increase), making an increase in the land fill disposal rate of 0.31%.

The total of the 23 production bases of the previous year was an output of 17.509 tons (a 424 ton increase), with 7 tons (a reduction of 8 tons from the previous year) disposed of in landfills, and a landfill disposal rate of 0.04% (a 0.05-point reduction), meaning zero emission was mostly achieved.

Our group is making efforts to make the total landfill disposal at all 27 production bases zero, for absolutely zero emissions.

Group Efforts

Personal Cup/Bottle Promotion

With the slogan, "Becoming a people-friendly and environment-friendly business group", the Fujikura group promotes energy and material-saving activities at each company, workplace, and for each person. One of those efforts is the "Personal Cup/Bottle Promotion". It aims to stop people thoughtlessly buying plastic bottles or using paper cups. The campaign is promoted via the intranet CSR site of each workplace, and by encouraging individuals to register for the "Recommended! Personal Cup/Bottle" section. The campaign section is now in its 7th year thanks to this coordinated effort.

Personal Cup/Bottle Promotion

Eco-Cap Campaign Promotion

For 7 years, the Fujikura group has been promoting "Eco-Cap Collection Efforts" by collecting caps from plastic bottles to reduce CO2 and supply vaccines to children of developing nations. The Eco-caps gathered are sold to manufacturers through an NPO (non-profit organization) and the recycled plastic is made into toys, such as buckets, for children. As part of continuing these efforts, we are holding campaigns to expand them further within the group.
The Fujikura group collected 34 thousand individual plastic bottle caps in fiscal year 2016.

1. Amount of vaccines for children in developing countries donated: Enough for 67 people.
2. Amount of CO2 reduced by Eco-cap recycling: 246.3kg.

Collecting "eco-caps" to make social contributions and protect the environment

Collecting "eco-caps" to make social contributions and protect the environment