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Reduction of Atmospheric Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

VOC is the general term for organic compounds that volatilize or become gas in the atmosphere. They include chemicals like thinners and alcohols widely used in factories. In addition to their effects on human health, VOCs are said to be the causative agents of suspended particulate matter and photochemical oxidants. In fiscal year 2016, the atmospheric output of key substances used in Fujikura factories those of domestic group companies was 87t(*). FY2016 was a 16% increase from fiscal year 2015. The increased VOCs are methanol, toluene, and MEK. Each of these was in response to increased production. The Fujikura group promotes reduction of atmospheric emissions by recovering isopropyl alcohol and replacement of ink solvents like toluene.

*Includes the 6t increase due to business restructuring.

Annual Atomospheric Major VOC Emissions