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Group's Social Contribution Activities



Fujikura (Head Office)

Fujikura Team Won First Place at "Corporate Games Tokyo 2014" Relay Marathon

Fujikura took part in "Corporate Games Tokyo 2014" held in the Tokyo bay area on September 27. These games took place with individuals and groups of different backgrounds under a concept, "I am a hero", aiming at building a new relationship between people and society through enjoying sports. This multi-sports event drew 6000 participants in 13 events.

Fujikura's three teams including 20 employee runners participated in relay marathon, an event of the games. In the relay marathon, the members of each team competed for time by taking turns running a full marathon (42.195 km) in total. On that day, all the team members finished the race harmoniously with smiles under bright clear autumn sky. They made a good showing, with A team of 5 runners coming out on top in the 5 member section, B team 14th and C team 34th in the 8 member section.

Fujikura (Sakura Plant)

Holding Summer Night Festival with Employees, Their Families and Local Residents

On August 7, midsummer, Fujikura Sakura Plant (Sakura City, Chiba) held Summer Night Festival at Sakura Plant. This festival was open to employees' families and local residents as well as Fujikura employees. Live performances by taiko drummers, singers and comedians were held on the special stage built on the premises, which got filled with many happy faces. In addition, as the night fell, the light of the festival venue was turned off, and in the total darkness, fireworks started to mark the finale of the festival. Participants shouted for joy at the spectacular fireworks going up in the night sky at once, unaware of the passage of time.

Fujikura (Numazu Plant)

Fujikura Joins in Senbonhama Beach Cleanup with Neighboring Companies

On June 9, Fujikura Numazu took part in an activity to clean nearby Senbonhama Beach of Suruga Bay. This cleanup activity takes place every year in this season as one of the environmental activities held by three neighboring companies including Fujikura.

A total of 50 employees from the three companies joined in the activity, and among them, Fujikura Numazu employees totaled 13 including 9 new trainee employees and 2 foreign trainee employees. Fujikura Numazu will continue to actively participate in social contribution activities as a member of the local community, aiming to be a company that the local community values and needs.

Fujikura (Head Office)

Lecture on Biotope Held

On May 28, the third lecture on a biotope was held at "Fujikura-Kiba Millennium Woods" in Tokyo's Kiba, where Fujikura Headquarters is located, by our colleagues taking turns explaining. More than 100 participants, mostly from the local community, gathered despite the record high temperature that reminded us of the summer heat. They listened to the explanation of the biotope, looked at panels introducing creatures living in Millennium Woods, and observed the creatures in the park with check sheets in one hand. Through this activity, Fujikura employees taught the visitors the importance of preserving biodiversity by preserving creatures that are in danger of extinction due to global warming.


Fujikura (Sakura Plant)

Two Sakura Plant Employees Honored for Their Distinguished Service Regarding Industrial Waste

Chiba Prefecture held an award ceremony at Chiba City Culture Center to honor people for their service in promoting the creation of a recycling-oriented society on February 10, 2014. Mr. Susumu Kawase of the Environment & Safety Management Section, Fujikura Sakura Plant, received a Chiba Governor's Appreciation Award in the division for the recognition of distinguished service carried out by businesses that discharge industrial waste. Mr. Akio Kawaguchi also received an Appreciation Award of the Environmental and Community Affairs Department Manager.

They were honored for their efforts to promote appropriate disposal of waste, a reduction in waste generation and recycling during their long time of service in disposing of industrial waste at the plant. It is a gratifying thing that they received the awards at the same time.

Fujikura (Head Office)

FUKAGAWA GATHARIA Concludes Reassurance Agreement with Municipality

FUKAGAWA GATHARIA was created as part of redevelopment project of Fujikura's former Fukagawa plant and has now become an office and shopping complex that attracts many people. FUKAGAWA GATHARIA has concluded a reassurance agreement with Koto Ward on the use of GATHARIA's facility as a temporary evacuation shelter in case of a flood due to Tsunami or other causes. Some part of the facility is opened to the public to temporarily evacuate to safety in case of a disaster.

Fujikura (Head Office)

Support for Local Film Festival Again This Year

The 7th Koto Cinema Festival was held at Furuichiba Culture Center(Koto-ward, Tokyo), which is located close to Fujikura Headquarters, during three consecutive holidays from January 11 to 13. The festival was planned and managed by Koto City Culture and Community Foundation and citizen volunteers of Fukagawa district including Monzennakacho to create a new local culture in hopes of making Fukagawa known for films. Fukagawa is the hometown of a famous film director, Yasujiro Ozu, who sent excellent movies into the world one after another.

This year's festival with the theme "heartbreaking, troublesome, but still family" aimed to nurture a local culture where people sympathize with their families and others between and beyond the generations and to send out the culture from Fukagawa toward all over Japan. Nine of Yasujiro Ozu's screen productions were shown there, including The Only Son and Early Summer, which were mainly created between the beginning of the Showa era and the '30s. In addition, six guests talked about stories related-to films between the screenplays so that the festival with full of visitors really warmed up. We will contribute to the maintenance and development of the local culture through our support for the Koto Cinema Festival from now on, too.

Fujikura (Ishioka Plant)

Social Contribution through Coffee

Ishioka branch serves fair trade coffee produced in East Timor and Tanzania to our customers as part of our CSR(corporate social responsibility) activity. We also put a small card explaining what fair trade means on the table to introduce our activity.

Fair trade is still a small movement, but we hope from our heart that, through our CSR activity, people both inside and outside the company get to know the idea and the movement of fair trade to expand them all over Japan.

DDK Ltd.

DDK Ltd. Receives Special Award for Its Eco-Activity from Tochigi Prefecture

Moka Plant of DDK Ltd. was honored with a special award of "the 2013 Marronnier Eco-Business Recognition" program for the outstanding eco-activity by Tochigi Prefecture (Governor: Tomikazu Fukuda), which promotes the creation of eco- and human-friendly "eco-Tochigi". At the reception ceremony held on February 14, the manager of the Quality Assurance Department, Yasuyuki Naganuma received a certificate and a medal.

Fujikura (Head Office)

Holding Spot Sale of Fujikura Gakuen Products

On December 4, Fujikura headquarters, located in Fukagawa district, held a spot sale for only the employees and sold 130 pieces of Fuji-cafe-made products including cookies, madeleines, and pound cake. Fuji-cafe is a facility of Oshima Fujikura Gakuen and helps the students with disabilities live independently. All the products sold out within about 20 minutes while a large amount of money was donated to the school.

Fujikura (Head Office)

Seminar on biotopes Autumn 2013

On Saturday, November 23, the Second Seminar on Biotopes Autumn 2013 was held in the light of a fine late autumn holiday at the Fujikura-Kiba Millennium Woods, which was beautifully covered with red and yellow leaves. Couples and parents and children who love nature most of all gathered at the venue.

We were able to directly explain to the participants that the nature of the Fujikura-Kiba Millennium Woods, unlike that of common parks, consists of biotopes, which mean the place where animals and plants live, and that we strive to reproduce the nature of Musashino of a hundred years ago.

Fujikura (Head Office)

Fujikura Awarded for Health Promotion Efforts by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Fujikura (Health Insurance Society) won the Head of Health Service Bureau Award for its efforts toward "creating a company with energetic employees" at the presentation ceremony of the "Second Let's Extend Healthy Life Expectancy! Award"(Smart Life Project). The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced this year's winners among enterprises and organizations and awarded them for their outstanding health promoting efforts at the ceremony held at a hotel in Tokyo on November 11.

This year's ceremony was the second hosted by the ministry as part of the "Smart Life Project"*, which is a nationwide activity initiated by the ministry to extend people's healthy life expectancy. The ministry grants awards to enterprises and organizations that are engaged in outstanding activities to raise awareness of lifestyle-related diseases and promote health for the employees, officials, and individuals. Fujikura's company-wide health promotion and disease prevention activities, started in this fiscal year, were recognized by the ministry.

* Smart Life Project:

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has been conducting national health measures for extending people’s healthy life expectancy. The project is carried out focusing on the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases by promoting moderate exercise, appropriate nutrition/dietary habits and smoking cessation. The "Smart Life Project" was launched in 2011 to broaden the activities by mainly cooperating with a wide range of enterprises and organizations. The project consists of the three concrete actions and prompts the enterprises and organizations to take action. The number of the enterprises and organizations involved in the project is 1583 as of the end of October, 2013.

Fujikura (Sakura Plant)

Plant Tour for Kids Takes Place at Sakura

In August, we held a Sakura Plant tour for Fujikura employee's kids who wish to join it. A total of 180 people consisting of about 120 lively kids and 60 parents accompanying them gathered at the canteen despite intense summerheat.

After Mr. Soma, a section manager, made his welcome speech, the participants were divided into six groups and departed for the plant, guided by Fujikura employees.

Kids observed the exhibition nervously at first, but they gradually became more relaxed with smiles on their faces until they tried touching a minicar driven on a superconducting track.

Today's Kids are said to be becoming unfamiliar with science. In contrast, the kids here listened to the explanation by the employees with great interest with their eyes shining. After the science class, each group had their pictures taken and moved to the showroom. There, they tried holding heavy materials and touching image fibers and experienced other activities. After the tour was completed, every kid's face held the expression of achievement and satisfaction.