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Group's Social Contribution Activities


Group's Social Contribution Activities




The Fujikura Group Activities in Tree-planting and Improving Green Areas

The Fujikura Group plants trees, conserves forests, and improves green areas by reducing loads to the environment as part of its global environmental protection activities.

Location Activity
Fujikura headquarters Playing part in conserving forests by using thinnings
Sakura Plant Improving green areas
Suzuka Plant Planting trees as coming-of-age commemoration
Improving green areas on the premises
FETL (Thailand) Protecting the environment by growing trees around the company
Participating in mangrove-tree-planting activity
DDK-T (Thailand) Planting saplings and seeds in national park
Cooperating with fire department in conserving forests and preventing forest fire
FZL (China) Conducting tree-planting activity around the company
FOV (Vietnam) Planting trees and plants in 21% of the premises
DVL (Vietnam) Planting saplings in the plant for global warming prevention
AFL (USA) Planting 11,000 trees with goal of planting 12,000 trees by 2015
Giving saplings to 5th and 6th graders in Take Root Program

Saplings for presentation (AFL,USA)

Saplings for presentation

Tree-planting Activity (FZL,China)

Tree-planting Activity

Planting saplings (DVL,Vietnam)

Planting saplings


Turning off lights across the Group

In 2015, The Fujikura Group implemented its "Turning off lights 2015" campaign to mitigate global warming as much as possible and reinforce how important lighting is.. In the campaign, employees turned off lights both at their workplaces and homes.

Lights Down Campaign 2015 dates
Actions for the Lights Down Campaign 2015 are scheduled for the following
three dates: