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Group's Social Contribution Activities


Group's Social Contribution Activities



FETL (Thailand)

Joining Local Event on Children's Day

On February 15, 2015, Children's day in Thailand, 30 employees of Kabinburi Plant of Fujikura Electronics (Thailand) Ltd. joined a local event as part of CSR activities to wish healthy growth of children who will shoulder the responsibilities of the next generation. The employees had a good time with children, giving presents to them. The participation by our colleagues in this event greatly helped strengthen ties between Kabinburi Plant and the local community.

FETL (Thailand)

Joining Nature Conservation Activity in Thailand to Build Small Dam

On December 14 last year, 82 volunteers from Kabinburi Plant of Fujikura Electronics (Thailand), Ltd. participated in an activity to conserve Thailand's nature by building a small dam in a forest as part of CSR environmental activities. Fujikura employees were able to not only raise their awareness of the environment but improve communications between them through this activity.

DDK-T (Thailand)

DDK-T Contributing Incinerator to School

DDK (Thailand) Ltd. contributed a garbage incinerator to Nhong-bour elementary school in Ayutthaya Province, Thailand. Six employees of the company took part in helping improve the school facility by donating about 200 thousand in yen for the incinerator and installation work.

DDK-T (Thailand)

Nature Conservation Activity of DDK-T in Thailand

In February as part of nature conservation activities, 50 employees of DDK (Thailand) Ltd. participated in an activity to prevent forest fires from occurring in Thailand. The employees cleaned up undergrowth and dead leaves in a forest to protect its rich natural environment.


FCH (China)

Fujikura Group Companies in China Donate Education-related Goods to Fujikura Kibou Primary School

On November 8, again this year, some employees of Fujikura group companies operating in China including Fujikura (China) Co., Ltd.(FCH) visited Fujikura Kibou Primary School located in Shucheng Prefecture, Luan City, Anhui Province. They attended the ceremony of presenting goods for supporting the education of the children.

Fujikura Kibou Primary School was established in 2007 largely because of the diligent efforts of the then president of Fujikura Electronics Shanghai Ltd.(FESL), Mr. Kaizu. Since then, Fujikura group companies in China have continued to improve and repair the school facilities and send presents to each child on an annual basis as part of their CSR activities.

This year, the presents include a surveillance camera, which was installed to ensure children's safety, and sets of stationery given to each child.