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Top Management

As of June 27, 2014


President & CEO & Representative DirectorYoichi Nagahama
Senior Executive Vice President & Representative DirectorTakashi Sato
Senior Vice President & Member of the BoardHideo Naruse
Senior Vice President & Member of the BoardMasato Sugo
Senior Vice President & Member of the BoardAkio Miyagi
Senior Vice President & Member of the BoardYoshikazu Nomura
Senior Vice President & Member of the BoardHideo Shiwa
Senior Vice President & Member of the BoardAkira Wada
Member of the BoardKenichiro Abe

Executive Officers Other Than Members of the Board Managing

Managing Executive OfficerNobumasa Misaki
Managing Executive OfficerIzumi Ishikawa
Managing Executive OfficerTadatoshi Kuge
Managing Executive OfficerJody Gallagher
Managing Executive OfficerToru Aizawa
Managing Executive OfficerAkira Sasagawa
Managing Executive OfficerMasahiko Ito
Managing Executive OfficerTakeaki Kitajima
Managing Executive OfficerTakashi Takizawa
Managing Executive OfficerHideyuki Hosoya
Executive OfficerYasuo Ichikawa
Executive OfficerMasahiro Ikegami
Executive OfficerKiminori Sato
Executive OfficerMorio Suzuki
Executive OfficerYasuyuki Oda
Executive OfficerKazuharu Tomano
Executive OfficerIchiro Kamada

Corporate Auditors

Corporate AuditorTakashi Kunimoto
Corporate AuditorMasato Koike
Corporate Auditor (from outside the Company)Soichiro Sekiuchi
Corporate Auditor (from outside the Company)Masaaki Shimojima