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    288-1728F armoured full dry optical ribbon cable


Armoured WTCTM with SWRTM
288-1728F armoured full dry optical ribbon cable

Armoured Wrapping Tube CableTM (WTC) consists of Fujikura's novel Spider Web RibbonsTM (SWR) which are wrapped by a water blocking tape and non-metallic side strength members embedded in the corrugated steel tape armoured sheath. Compared to normal loose tube cable, this full dry structure ribbon cable drastically reduces the cable deployment time by eliminating the process to wipe out jelly and by mass fusion splicing just like conventional ribbon cable. WTC achieves the world's highest density optical fiber ribbon cable and allows effective utilization of existing conduits. Suitable for lashed aerial, duct and direct buried installation applications.
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  • 288- 1728 fiber counts
  • Applying Spider Web RibbonTM
  • 12 fiber mass fusion splicing
  • Easy separation into single fibers by hand
  • Easy identification of ribbons and fibers
  • Full dry cable
  • Easy and quick access to fibers
  • Smallest cable diameter and lightest weight in the world
  • Long cable length per drum
  • Rodent protection


Item Specification
Optical Fibers ITU-T G.652D, G.657.A1
Reference Standard IEC 60794-3-10, Telcordia GR-20
Fiber Count 288 432 576 864 1152 1728
Cable diameter (mm) 17.0 18.6 20.5 22.5 24.0 28.5
Cable weight (kg/km) 248 292 345 415 455 595
Tensile strength (N) Installation 2700
Permanent 810
Minimum bendingradius (mm) Repeated Bending 170 186 205 225 240 285
Cable Bend 255 279 308 338 360 428
Crush (N/100mm) 2200
Impact (Nm) 4.4
Installation Temperature (°C) -30 to +60
Operation Temperature (°C) -40 to +70
Storage & TransportationTemperature (°C) -40 to +70
Water Penetration No water penetration at unsealed end

* Specification may change without prior notice.


Cables are securely wound on wooden drums in standard lengths and are protected by wooden battens. Customized lengths are available upon request.

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