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Magnet Wires

Magnet wires are materials that constitute major components of a variety of devices such as electrical, communications and electronic devices. They are used in making coils for a very wide range of applications, from extra fine wire coils in electronic devices and moving coils in microminiaturized instruments to coils in large-capacity transformers in electric power supply grids and field coils in large-scale A.C. turbine generators.
These magnet wires are manufactured and sold by Fujikura Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Magnet Wire Business Division).

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Enameled winding wires Polyamidimide enameled wires
Polyesterimide enameled wires
Polyester enameled wires
Formal enameled wires
Polyurethane enameled wires
Heat-resistant enameled wires
Solderable enameled wires
Self-Lubricated enameled wires
Other types of enameled wires
Fiber/Paper covered wires Paper covered wires, heat-resistant paper covered wires
Polyamide paper covered wires (Nomex paper covered)
Polyester tape covered wires
Polyimide tape covered wires
Mica type covered wires
Multi-Transposed wires
Double paper covered wires
Glass fiber covered wires
Other types of fiber/paper covered wires
Others Inorganic material (ceramics) coated wires
Litz wires
Lead wires


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