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Fujikura Group CSR

Promotion of G-FPS Activities

The Fujikura Group was founded with a progressive spirit and has cherished and passed down its corporate DNA as a manufacturing company 130 years. Against this backdrop and from the viewpoint of our customers, we identify what we should do and what we should not do, and always act accordingly based on a corporate culture in which we put first priority on quality. On that basis, all corporate staff members abide by the Group's management rules and promote synergy between our production, sales, and R&D bases, driven by the Global/General Fujikura Production System (G-FPS) as well as by our commitment to CSR and to a better manufacturing culture. Through these measures, we aim to achieve our vision for the four business fields (Telecommunications, Electronics, Automotive components, and Metal cables & Systems) described in the Mid-Term Business Plan. In achieving this vision, we will implement our Corporate Philosophy MVCV and become a corporate group that pursues "Value Creation for the Customer" and is appreciated by customers and highly evaluated by society, while achieving further growth for the entire Group.

The Fujikura Group's Management Approach

Innovation of Manufacturing through G-FPS Activities

  • In addition to the conventional FPS method, we will promote manufacturing innovation utilizing advanced technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), automation, robotization, and AI, and will work to further strengthen profitability and competitiveness.
  • Through practicing G-FPS activities, we will train human resources who have the ability to execute and strong motivation for improvement.
  • Promote intrinsic safety through educational activities and risk assessment.

G-FPS activity promotion system

G-FPS activity promotion system

Eliminating Waste in Indirect Departments

We will continue to improve waste disposal activities in indirect departments to improve work quality.
As a concrete activity, we organize a team of 4 to 5 people in the indirect department every year, and hold a reporting meeting on improvement activities. Approximately 570 teams are currently organized at domestic group companies, selecting themes from cost reductions and various waste collections, and working hard to improve businesses and making great results.

Fujikura Global Reform Tournament

The Fujikura group hold its Fujikura Global Reform Tournament 3 times every year. Teams from group companies both within and outside Japan announce their reform successes, and awards are issued based on these achievements.