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A Gift From God

Development of "Ultra Low Attenuation Optical Fiber", the Symbol of Fujikuraism

Phase.5 Fujikuraism

Work creatively! Work with a sense of challenge! And never give up! This is what makes up "Fujikuraisum."

Ten years had passed since the joint research started in 1975. It was practically a place of perfect competition. We managed to bring this research to an end with Fujikura being almost the solo winner. Our original intention-our desire to "win over our rivals!"-had come perfectly true. Moreover, this demonstrated the process of creating a "Fujikura-style de facto standard" that significantly prevailed over not only rivals at home but also abroad. What factors led Fujikura to come out on top?: the consequences of fully realizing Fujikuraism of "Working creatively! Working with a sense of challenge! And never giving up!" combined with our approach and unwavering resolve.

Solid photonic band gap fiber
Solid photonic band gap fiber
Fujikura's victory is not limited to optical fibers and optical fiber cables. For example, the Company plays a pioneering role in the "fusion splicer" market, enjoying the No.1 share in the world, components for optical transmission, optical transmission equipment and optical measurement equipment, and also in the construction of the total system for optical communications. In addition, Fujikura continues to lead the world with technical achievements that further expand the possibility of "light." This include practical application of, for example, fibers with "zero" water, and the development of "comb-like profiled fibers," "functional fibers including panda fibers," and "photonic bandgap fibers."

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