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Optical system equipment

Optical system equipment

Optical communication devices for access networks

Optical Ethernet technologies

Fujikura has made every possible effort to develop software and hardware for LAN equipment since making 10BASE-5 transceivers commercially available in 1987. It has regarded the development of technologies and products to apply Ethernet to broadband communications with optical fiber as the center of development from the beginning, and has continued to supply optical Ethernet products such as media converters and Ethernet PON devices, now widely in use, from early on.

GE-PON equipment

PON (Passive Optical Network: optical fiber network ramifying in a radial pattern) system has become the mainstream among FTTH access networks today, and many GE-PON (Gigabit Ethernet PON) systems are being widely deployed in Japan. The functions required for the equipment depend on the system scales and operation methods. Fujikura has developed a lineup of FNP3000 series suitable for the large scale operation of PPPoE, FNP4000 series equipped with DHCP snooping and IP address filtering functions appropriate to DHCP operations, in addition to FNP7000 chassis series with embedded L2 switches, thereby providing application solutions.

LAN equipment GE-PON
LAN equipment : Gigabit Ethernet - Passive Optical Network Equipment
Device performing data communication services via optical fiber
LAN equipment Media converter 
LAN equipment : Media Converter 
Device to connect remote local area networks via optical fiber

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