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Optical Communications

Optical Communications

AOC: Active Optical Cable

We are developing AOC compatible with Infiniband used for inter-device transmission in data centers, AOC compatible with Camera Link used to transmit camera images for industrial applications and AOC compatible with multi-media transmission standards (e.g. HDMI) used in households and companies.

As an Infiniband-compatible AOC, we have developed a QDR standard cable capable of handling four 10-Gbps channels. The cable uses a QSFP connector that accommodates an electric-optic conversion unit and is capable of long-distance inter-device transmission with no loss of insertion and removal compatibility with conventional electrical interfaces. Following on from this, we are now developing a 14 Gbps per channel FDR standard product and a 26 Gbps EDR standard product.

As a Camera Link-compatible AOC, we have launched a Base Configuration AOC that enables transmission of camera images with a clock speed of 85 MHz over 10 m or more. Camera images can be transmitted over long distances simply by inserting the cable into commercially available cameras and frame grabber boards. Optical fiber and metal composite cable is used to provide the capability to handle both optically-converted downstream image signals and upstream control electrical signals. We will be working on the development of a Medium Configuration-compatible AOC in the future.

Infiniband-compatible AOC Camera Link-compatible AOC

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