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Optical Communications

Optical Communications

Fiber lasers

Because of the superiority of optical fiber lasers over other existing lasers in terms of characteristics such as light-harvesting performance, power efficiency and reliability, it is expected they will be applied in a wide range of fields, and represent a laser light source use of which is spreading rapidly for applications to processing field such as marking, welding and cutting. The Fujikura Group possesses all the technologies required for optical fiber lasers including the world's top class technologies for optical fibers for communications, specialty optical fibers, optical components, optical connections and high-power diode lasers. Making optimum use of these technologies, we are creating optical fiber lasers distinctive to the Fujikura Group through undertakings such as the original development of key parts including rare earth-doped optical fibers, high-power diode lasers and optical pump combiners.

300W CW single-mode air-cooled fiber laser Cutting stainless-steel plate with Fiber laser

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