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Electronic Materials and Components

Electronic Materials and Components

High-tech ...in your palm

Waves of Microelectronics are sweeping the every accessible device and electronic equipment. Amid rapid technological innovation, the lead time from development to commercialization is becoming drastically shortened and high technology is put to use one after another as palm-sized products. Fujikura has a long history of developing a wide variety of wiring materials from their development and prototype production to mass-production. We intend to supply high-tech electronic components as system products that satisfy user needs.
This is our policy for electronic component development at Fujikura as a comprehensive wiring system creator.

Ultra-Fine Membrane Printed Circuit Boards

We are producing membrane printed circuits that are formed by screen-printing conductive ink on a polyester film substrate. Recently, there are growing needs for finer circuit patterns that exceed the limits of conventional screen-printing.
To cope with this trend, we have developed membrane printed circuit board technology that can create finer circuits using intaglio offset printing, in which ink in the hollows on the original plate is transferred to the blanket roll and printed on the substrate. As the plate is created by etching, it is possible to generate very high-definition patterns. We have succeeded in producing a 10 µm-pitch circuit at a prototype level. We are now preparing a volume production line to meet the demands for finer membrane printed circuits for capacitive touchpads of input devices and wiring boards of digital appliances.

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