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Electronic Materials and Components

Electronic Materials and Components

High-tech ...in your palm

Waves of Microelectronics are sweeping the every accessible device and electronic equipment. Amid rapid technological innovation, the lead time from development to commercialization is becoming drastically shortened and high technology is put to use one after another as palm-sized products. Fujikura has a long history of developing a wide variety of wiring materials from their development and prototype production to mass-production. We intend to supply high-tech electronic components as system products that satisfy user needs.
This is our policy for electronic component development at Fujikura as a comprehensive wiring system creator.

Film Antenna Assembly

With the evolution of information terminals and the spread of wireless connection, there are growing demands for high value-added solutions for antennas embedded in devices.
We have reviewed the construction and manufacturing method of the FPC to achieve a thinner antenna that can be stuck on the curved surface inside the housing. Proprietary antenna design technology has enabled us to build an embedded film antenna with high radiation efficiency in a small size, which has made it attractive to many customers.
There is a rich lineup of products with original device designs, including WWAN, LTE, WiMAX, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, UWB, terrestrial digital TV film antenna devices, a single multi-band antenna device with multiple resonant frequencies, and an integral antenna that is resistant to mutual interference. According to the type of feed specified by the customer, we design and select materials to support a range of assemblies that include RF coaxial cable connection, metallic feed pad construction, feed point plating, and resin mold components.
The material composition is worry-free. It is compatible with the UL and RoHS directives and non-halogen requirements.
The full service provides device design, product design, prototyping, evaluation, real device tuning, and mass-production under one roof. In the prototyping stage, following evaluation and design improvements in an anechoic chamber, a product form is created in three days, which provides products customized to the customer's equipment.

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