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Technologies that aim to create the future

Technologies that aim to create the future

Component-embedded multilayer printed circuit boards

High-density multilayer circuit wiring boards (IC-embedded substrate WABE Package)

The packaging technology to embed electronic components into printed circuit board attracts the large attention as the next generation high density packaging technology because it enables significant improvement in packaging density and downsizing.
Our laboratory is developing a Wafer And Board level device Embedding Technology (WABE TechnologiesTM) to embed a thin IC into a multi-layer FPC, combining a Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Package (WL-CSP) technology of copper-rewiring on an IC wafer and a polyimide multilayer printed circuit board technology.
We developed the world thinnest level IC embedded board by embedding a low-profile WL-CSP into a thin polyimide multilayer printed circuit board. That feature is being utilized in commercializing next-generation system-in-package (SIP) and various module substrates for mobile phones.

Cross sectional view of the structure of an IC chip-embedded board


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