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Technologies to connect the world

Technologies to connect the world

Metal cables

Continuing to contribute to building energy and information transmission systems with metal cables

The majority of the electricity that supports our life is used for energy and information. Fujikura is developing the metal cable and the accessory as a transmission line to transport this electricity to us as energy and information. Various performances are demanded from the metal cable and the accessory along with the complication of industrial establishment and the change into information society. Moreover, the importance of effective use of the resource and the negative environmental impact decrease at waste management came to be recognized from global environmental concerns in recent years strongly. Then, we are developing environment-friendly, lightweight and compact metal cable systems with excellent energy transmission efficiency. And, we will advance the research and development of energy and the information transmission paths to solve an important problem of coexisting of the global environment and energy problems while corresponding to the change in the industrial establishment in the future.


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