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Technologies to protect the Earth

Technologies to protect the Earth

Cable Conductor Materials

We are conducting research and development on materials and manufacturing processes, analyses and evaluations in various fields with a focus on metallic materials. With consideration given to the environment, efforts have focused on achieving weight, diameter, and thickness savings in various fields such as high strength metallic materials and composite materials with superior conductivity and workability, and in developing an energy-conscious manufacturing process.

Cable Insulation Materials

Cable insulation materials need to have a variety of properties depending on the operating environment, so all manner of polymer materials are used. We are working to develop general-purpose plastics and rubber materials besides boosting the functionality of high-function engineering plastics, as well as developing composite materials that combine their properties. In addition, we are striving to develop materials of energy saving, recycling, and environmentally hazardous substances free. We are vigorously promoting development, including development of processing technology that capitalizes maximally on the properties of polymers, so that we can respond to needs in various fields.

Electronic component materials

We make efforts to develop leading-edge materials and material processing technologies to respond to needs for "smaller" and "more advanced" electronic components such as flexible printed circuit boards (FPCs) and membrane switches (MBSW) of which we boast as one of the leading companies in the world.

Eco-Materials (Environmental Conscious Cables and Wires)

Recently, new substitutes for lead and halogen compounds harmful to human body and environment have been requested from a viewpoint of the global environment protection. We are developing human- and earth-friendly materials and carrying on the practical use of them for electric wires and cables.

Yttrium-based superconducting wire

Superconducting technology is of great value to make effective use of limited energy resource. Superconducting can realize compact high-performance electric equipments and make effective use of wasted power in power grid, transportation, industry and medical application. Furthermore, its technology can replace aircraft, which have a dependence on fossil fuels, with maglev vehicles in high-speed traffic. Fujikura pursues the development of high-performance superconducting wires using yttrium-based high-Tc superconductor with the highest current-carrying capacities in order to address these social needs.

Dye-sensitized solar cells

Solar power generation is one effective way of solving ever-deepening problems on a global scale that include shortages in energy supplies, the depletion of energy resources, and global warming and atmospheric pollution due to exhaust gasses including greenhouse effect gasses. Fujikura is conducting research to develop Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSCs) that generate electrical power on a principle similar to photosynthesis in plants. This device is environmentally friendly and is expected to significantly reduce the cost of power generation.

Functional Single Crystals

More high-performance electronic and optical devices are being required than ever before in recent years as the amount of information increases drastically by the spread of mobile phones and Internet service. Semiconductor crystals and non-linear optical crystals play an important role in those devices. Fujikura is energetically raising performance level for functional single crystals using as semiconductor crystals or non-linear optical crystals by leveraging our material design technologies and crystal growth technologies.