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Technologies to protect the Earth

Technologies to protect the Earth

Electronic component materials

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPCs) and Membrane Switches (MBSWs) are films used in wiring boards and circuit/contact point sheets and contribute to making every recent electronic component smaller and more advanced utilizing their characteristic thinness, light weight and superior bendability. Fujikura has made commercially available items such as highly flexible FPC materials for HDD that can withstand a few hundred million repetitive bending moves, and antenna circuits using nano-materials from which high conductivity can be derived. We also aggressively address research & development on the fundamental technologies that will carve out a new age, such as halogen-free materials, which reduce the environmental load, next-generation FPCs, which enable high-density wiring by making full use of leading-edge machining technologies, and dye-sensitized solar cells, attracting attention as next-generation solar cells.

Highly flexible FPC for HDD High density three-dimension fine circuit
Dye-sensitized solar cell module
(90 cm x 90 cm)
Low-temperature sintering high
electroconductive nano metal particles
RFID membrane antenna circuit

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