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Launch of Sales of New Single Optical Fiber Cleaver

February 7, 2018

Fujikura Ltd. (President & CEO: Masahiko Ito) is pleased to announce the development and launch of sales of a "New Single Optical Fiber Cleaver," a tool used to cleave optical fiber core wires for communication and featuring improved operability and maintainability over conventional models. The new model will be launched in the first half of this fiscal year.

The new optical fiber cleaver is designed to provide easy replacement of fiber clamps and cleaving blade by customer thereby reducing maintenance cost and time.

Moreover, in the past, when part of the disk-type cleaving blade became worn due to repeated optical fiber cleaving, the disk lock had to be disengaged using a wrench and then re-engaged using a wrench again after rotating the disk to a position where the blade had not been worn down. The new model features a dial that can be turned to change the position of the disk-type cleaving blade without the need for tools such as wrenches.

In addition, the opening angle of the lever positioned on the top surface of the cleaver has been expanded to 90 degrees or more, facilitating the setting of optical fiber in the cleaving unit. An interconnected mechanism has been adopted that reciprocates the disk-type cleaving blade by opening and closing the lever to enable completion of cleaving in a single operation. The new cleaver offers greatly improved work efficiency compared to conventional models.

Example of Product Specifications

Model Name CT08
Applicable fiber Silica optical fiber
Fiber count Single fiber
Bare fiber diameter 125 mm
Dimensions 110 mm (W) × 95 mm (D) × 45 mm (H)
Weight 185 g