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Development of Small Lightweight Lithium Ion Capacitor

May 25, 2016

Fujikura Ltd. (President and CEO: Masahiko Ito; hereinafter the Company) has developed a small lightweight lithium ion capacitor (hereinafter LIC). Its energy density is five times higher than an electric double-layer capacitor and more than two times higher than a conventional lithium ion capacitor. Because of such a feature, this capacitor is expected to become one of the capacitors suitable for use in portable equipment, mobile units and vehicles. Thus, we are working on putting the capacitor to practical use in two years.

The energy density of this product has successfully been increased to 19 W/Kg by increasing the capacitance per unit weight of the cathode manufactured using our proprietary design methodologies and material techniques.

In addition, a low internal resistance of the product was also achieved by modifying the electrolyte to prevent the internal resistance from rising with an increase in the energy density. The Company proceeds with the development of a 5,000 F-level cell that has already achieved an internal resistance of 0.9 m ohms with an eye toward the future increase in capacitance of capacitors.

This allows LIC with the improvement of the energy density to maintain its inherently excellent power input/output property and secure enhanced reliability due to reductions in heat generated by the cell, which realizes its long life.

Small lightweight capacitors with an excellent input/output property and reliability are required in society. We have high expectations of the new product to be used in the wide rage of areas including small devices such as mobile and wearable and new industries including drones, electric vehicles and trains.