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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2014
[ISO 26000 Core Subject] The Environment

Environmentally Friendly Products

Green Mind Products

We carry out environmental impact assessment on our products at the stages of planning, development and design. The environmental impact of products is estimated over their whole lifecycle (from the procurement of materials, through manufacture, use to disposal) to improve their environmental performance. Moreover, the green product management committee examines the product assessment check sheets submitted by the business departments and registers products that meet the predefined criteria as "Green Mind Products." In fiscal 2013, 66 products were registered as Green Mind Products. The number of products registered during the period from fiscal 2010 to 2013 has totaled 286.

Registered as Green Mind Products
In fiscal 2010 2011 2012 2013
The number of registration 70 82 68 66

Green Products

Under our Green Product certification system, which we have established to foster the development of more environmentally compatible products, we certify products that are even more environmentally friendly than Green Mind Products as Green Products. We label Green Products with the Green Project mark and approve the use of this mark according to the rules for ISO 14021 Type II environmental labeling.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Optical Fiber Business Unit

Product description Ultra-High-Density Optical Fiber Cable
Application Overhead/lead-up cable for optical communication
Features The slot-less, ultra high-density optical fiber cable is thinner by 40% or more in diameter and lighter by 30% or more in terms of weight per unit of length than a conventional product, when compared to 200-core cables.

Electronics Business Unit

Product description Flexible Printed Circuit
Application Internal wiring for electronic devices
Features The substances contained exclude those prohibited by the RoHS Directive and are also halogen-free.

Automotive Products Business Unit

Product description High-voltage shield cable (ASiBS)
Application High-voltage wiring for electric and hybrid vehicles
Features This high-voltage shield cable has an outer diameter that is 10% thinner and 20% lighter than conventional products. It is also more heat-resistant due to the use of selected insulating and coating materials.

Power & Telecommunication Systems Business Unit

Product description Environmentally friendly electrical wire and cable, and lead-free electrical wire and cable
Application Used as industrial cable, communication cable, measuring cable, and coaxial cable
Features This environmentally friendly wire is made using non-halogen cable technologies, which is suitable for sorted recycling, and other wires and cables are lead-free and compliant with RoHS Directive.