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CSR Report

Fujikura Group CSR Report 2012
[ISO 26000 Core Subject] Community Involvement and Development

The Fujikura Group's Concept of Social Contribution Activities

The Fujikura Group's concept of social contribution activities is based on the Fujikura Group Corporate Philosophy MVCV (Mission, Vision, Core Values), which is to help customers create value and contribute to society through its "Tsunagu" technologies, as well as based on a statement in our CSR Basic Principles, which says, "each and every employees will . . . become aware of his or her own role as a member of society, and act according to good social sense. We are carrying out social contribution activities in accordance with our CSR Basic Principles, setting forth the concept that "we make social contribution actively, respecting the cultures and customs of the various countries and regions we operate in."

Our social contribution activities began in 1919 when Harukichi Nakauchi, a former auditor of the Company, established an institution for the mentally disabled, Fujikura Gakuen, with his own funds. Since then, we, both as a company and as individuals, have supported the institution. In the same regard, as times change, we as a company have considered how we should become involved with society and have taken actions accordingly up until the present day. We have contributed to society for over 90 years since Fujikura Gakuen's founding. Recognizing that our support for Fujikura Gakuen is the starting point of our Group's social contribution activities, we are committed to continuing our support of the institution.

In fiscal 2011, the Fukujira Group participated in a total of about 250 social contribution activities. Some of these are introduced below:

Key Activities

Fujikura Gakuen, the starting point for our social contribution activities

Fujikura Gakuen was founded on June 7, 1919 by Harukichi Nakauchi, younger brother of the founder of Fujikura and former auditor of the Company. He donated 230,000 yen (equivalent to about two billion yen today) from his own funds to construct this school for the mentally disabled on land extending over about 132,000 m2 in Izu Oshima. He also donated this land and the facilities necessary for the foundation of the school. This year the school celebrates its 93st anniversary, thanks to the long-lasting support of its employees. To be sure, the history of the Fujikura Group's social contribution activities started from the foundation of Fujikura Gakuen.

Harukichi Nakauchi,founder of Fujikura Gakuen

Harukichi Nakauchi,founder of Fujikura Gakuen

Fujikura Gakuen (social welfare corporation)

Establishment June 7, 1919
President Hitoko Kawada
Welfare services Provided through Oshima Fujikura Gakuen and Tama Fujikura Gakuen
Number of people receiving About 130 in total

Oshima Fujikura Gakuen

Oshima Fujikura Gakuen

All newly hired employees conducted volunteer activities for a day at Fujikura Gakuen. Through this experience, they learned the excellent traditions that our predecessors have maintained for over 90 years.

Providing children who will become the next generation's leaders with opportunities to learn about nature

For three days from May 16, a total of about 230 students from the first to third grades at an elementary school adjacent to Fukujira's head office visited Fujikura-Kiba Millennium Woods as part of the school's nature study class. During the one-and-half hour program, which included free study time, instructors explained about the different varieties of fish, birds, plants and insect species present in the Woods, after which, the students were able to observe them directly. The students all enthusiastically raised their hands when asked questions by the instructors, who quizzed them on what they had learned. They touched and viewed the living creatures with wide-eyed wondrous curiosity. Seeing the children enjoying their interaction with nature made us realize that creating Fujikura-Kiba Millennium Woods was indeed a worthwhile endeavor.

Cooperating with local governments and citizens for the conservation of nature

On July 23, the first Biodiversity Mini Symposium was held by the local government, and participants visited the bio-garden Fujikura-Kiba Millennium Woods for a presentation session. The event aimed to enrich and promote conservation of nature in the highly urbanized city of Tokyo, with the participation of local residents, governments and businesses. The fact that the symposium introduced Fujikura-Kiba Millennium Woods as its first example was great news for the Fujikura Group.

Supporting an annual local film festival

In January, a film festival was organized by the local community in the area of our head office. For the festival, which marked its fifth anniversary in 2011, the Fujikura Group provided support as a local company, helping to put up posters and purchase advance tickets. As part of our CSR activities to conserve local culture, we will continue to support this local film festival and local culture development.

Supporting local junior high schools in teaching students how to become prepared for their interview examination

In November, we provided interview examination advice to third grade students who were to take their high school examinations at a junior high school near our head office. As most students must participate in high school examination interviews, our employees in charge of recruitment provide yearly assistance upon requests from schools. We will continue to proactively provide support in educating children who will become leaders in the future and contribute to the local community.