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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2016
[ISO 26000 Core Subject] Environment

Waste Reduction

Zero emissions

The Fujikura Group is conducting activities for zero emissions to reduce the final waste disposal amount (landfill amount) generated from its production activities to zero, believing that this target can be achieved by increasing the production yield (measure of output from a given amount of input calculated in percentage) to reduce waste and also by fostering the recycling of generated waste.
In FY2015, the total release of waste from 23 bases of the Fujikura Group in Japan decreased by 251 tons year on year to 16,200 tons, of which 15 tons (reduced by 11 tons year on year) were sent to landfill sites. As a result the landfill rate dropped by 0.09 points year on year to 0.07%.We will continue to implement measures to reduce the amount of landfill to zero, aiming to achieve perfect zero emissions.

Implementing the "eco-bottle," "eco-cup" and "eco-cap" campaigns

Implementing the "eco-bottle," "eco-cup" and "eco-cap" campaigns

Aiming to become a corporate group that is friendly to both people and the global environment, the Fujikura Group conducts resource and energy conservation activities on multiple levels as individuals, as workplace teams and as Group companies. The "my cup/my bottle" campaign is conducted as one such activity. For this campaign, workplace teams and individuals encourage the use of "my cups/bottles" on the intranet on a regular basis, in order to reduce the purchase of PET bottled drinks and the use of paper cups. The campaign website on the intranet has been operated for more than six years.

Collecting "eco-caps" to make social contributions and protect the environment

We also began implementing the "eco-cap" campaign four years ago, through which we collect PET bottle caps ("eco-caps") to reduce our CO2 emissions and fund vaccinations for children in developing countries.
In FY2015 we collected a total of about 167,000 caps, by which we funded vaccinations for 557 children. Also, through the recycling of the collected caps, which would otherwise have been incinerated, we reduced our CO2 emissions by about 1,225kg, thereby giving a "small present" to the Earth.
The collected caps are sold to recycling companies through an NPO to be recycled into plastic buckets and toys for children. We will continue to conduct this activity and also implement a campaign to expand it across the Group.